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Patricia Davis Brown is presenting “Stray Dogs Designs” today.   Keeping with our stress on beauty and environmental friendly companies, Stray Dog is another designer that is about recycled materials, low voc paint, and hand crafted products in fun shapes and colors.   They are offering a 15% off coupon valid until Oct. 23rd.  To get it use the “Coupon code”: stray dog!  To wet your palate here are some of their catching designs.

Sue Wright Mirror

Kind of like a sunburst mirror but loads more fun. The Sue Wright sprouts and sprawls with juicy juicy berries. All hand crafted by very patient and talented artisans in Mexico. Painted to order in the states with any of our yummy low-VOC paints.


Ty Coffee Table

Sleek and simple when it comes to the Ty Coffee Table. Paper mache top with gold iron base. Top comes in all of our hand selected Benjamin Moore paint colors. Hand made in Mexico.


Terrell Swan Chandelier

A happy bouquet of really fantastic assorted flowers all hand made of paper mache. Each flower is just amazing. Nestled in the middle is a 4 arm light cluster.  


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