There was a time when basements were cold, wet areas of the house used primarily for storage. For children, it was the dark place where monsters hid throughout the day. However, with modern technology now impacting the ways in which we develop our homes, basement developments in Calgary are more popular than ever before. Homeowners now realize how value they add to their home with a nice basement.

During the early days of Calgary basement developments, basements were extra room for storage, a bedroom or a playroom. While all these options are still popular, homeowners now have the opportunity to enjoy several alternative options. Those options include gaming rooms, collectors rooms and even entire kitchens. Here are some of the current trending developments that we see around us today.

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A Home Extension

Trending Basement Developments in Calgary

In the past, basement renovations were considered an experiment. They provided homeowners with the opportunity to create a room hidden from view, which allowed for a range of extravagant decisions to be made.

In many modern homes the basement is in use as an essential extension to traditional living areas. When going from the main house into the basement, the design is similar to the theme used throughout the home with only minor changes.

As a result, the basement is in use for a variety of activities. These include extra sleeping space, a family game area, and even a downstairs bar for friends and family.

Moreover, such developments significantly increase the value of the home. Then, rather than an empty, useless room, potential buyers see extra living space that’s just as valuable as the traditional rooms within the home.

Enclosed Home Theaters

Trending Basement Developments in Calgary

One of the most popular trends we are currently seeing with many Calgary basement developments is the creation of an enclosed theater room or an open TV space. Using modern technology such as projection screens, surround sound, LED lighting and reclining seats, it’s never been easier to create a theater in your own home.

Although in the past this kind of design was a dream, the low price of many of these gadgets make it more realistic than any time in history. For that extra effect, some homeowners are even combining a home theater with kitchens or bars to create a well-rounded entertainment area. This is ideal for family nights, dates with loved ones, or to keep yourself occupied after a long week at work!

Home Gyms

Trending Basement Developments in Calgary

With fitness and exercise continuously on the rise, the idea of a home gym is more appealing to homeowners. With basements having a large open space and ideal location in the home, they are the perfect location for a home gym.

If the property is large enough, some homeowners even combine a home gym with their spa area. These areas include a steam shower, sauna and even a massage area for those extra relaxing sessions! Due to the diversity of this idea, a home gym or spa can be set up in a basement of any shape or size. Additionally, to stimulate the detoxification regimen from working out in your home gym, using infrared saunas can stimulate body and muscle relaxation, boost your immune system, enhance circulation and reduce fatigue.

If your basement is relatively large, you have the option to choose between several different workout machines including a running machine, bench press, squat rack and a rowing machine. You can even implement both ideas in the same basement with a sauna and shower area for your post-workout cool down. If your basement is slightly smaller than you can limit the number of machines you use or you can focus on integrating a sauna and steam room by themselves.

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