Ducted air conditioning systems are an excellent choice for an out-of-sight air conditioning solution. However, despite being out of sight, it still needs servicing. While the task of regularly maintaining it might be daunting, it is still necessary for peak performance.

It’s fine for you to do a few weekly and monthly maintenance tasks. However, it’s also wise to schedule yearly maintenance from a professional service.

If you have a ducted air conditioning unit in your home, continue reading to learn how to maintain your ducted air conditioning system.

How to Maintain Your Ducted Air Conditioning

Tips to Properly Maintain a Ducted Air Conditioning Unit

Schedule Regular Maintenance

There are many reasons that your ducted air conditioning needs regular maintenance. One is that when this is not done, there is an increase in utility bills. Plus, do you want your unit breaking down on a sweltering hot summer day? Probably not. So, be sure to schedule regular maintenance.

Again, do the weekly and monthly tasks yourself but be sure to schedule a yearly maintenance with your professional air conditioning specialist.

Check and Clean the Ducts

You don’t need spider webs and dust particles blowing out of your registers from the ducts. The point is, ducts need cleaning just like any other part of your home.

However, before jumping into this task, stop and call an expert because this is a difficult task. Sure, you can go ahead and take off the register covers and clean them. You can also stick a vacuum hose down the duct and that’s somewhat effective. But, to get them really clean, you must call in the pros.

What to Expect During Maintenance

During maintenance, duct cleaning professionals inspect the duct system. This thorough inspection includes checking for leaks and cracks, along with inspecting the inside of the duct for debris and dust.

Then, they attached their vacuum systems to the ducts for collection as they work to loosen the debris on the inside of the duct. When that’s in place, they use power brushes to soften and remove debris which then flows out through the vacuum.

But, please be aware that there is also the possibility that they need to remove parts of the ceiling to access the ducts. Additionally, they might drill through access points to inspect the condition of the duct.

Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance Tools

Interestingly, air conditioning pros normally perform their maintenance with the use of the following tools:

  • Duct cleaning vacuums
  • Access devices such as drills and saws
  • Imaging devices such as still cameras, CCTV cameras, and mirrors
  • Hand tools such as periscopes, mirrors, and brushes.

Here’s to Your Clean Ducts!

When a ducted air conditioner gets regular maintenance it continues to run at its full potential. So, continue to do your weekly and monthly maintenance and call in the pros for a yearly check. Do this so that you and your family get to enjoy years of cool comfort in your home.

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