Buying a new house is a lengthy and stressful process, but all your effort is worth it when you sign the final documents. Once you move into your new home in Dallas, you have a long list of tasks to do. Of course, you must prioritize security, and locksmith tips for homeowners are what you need. Although you might find yourself busy furnishing, decorating, and adding personal touches to your new adobe, always prioritize protection.  

There are, in fact, several ways to ensure that your home is safe from potential intruders. Today, we’re bringing you several valuable locksmith tips for homeowners.  

Locksmith Tips for Homeowners in Dallas TX

Dallas TX Locksmith Tips For Homeowners

Change or replace the locks.

When everything is ready in your home, another task is to change or replace all the locks. You can keep your home secure and prevent burglary by switching out the old locks. If you want timely replacement of your locks at home, check out a reliable locksmith offering 24-hour emergency service as a good starting point. 

The old locks carry a level of risk since you never know if there are keys around that fit them. Even if you have the keys, it’s not a guarantee because someone else might have a duplicate.  

The previous homeowners probably gave keys to family, friends, or neighbors. If you have the skills, you can change the locks yourself. Or, you may opt for calling a professional locksmith to handle the task for you. Some of the services a locksmith can offer include:

  • Rekeying. If you want an affordable option, rekeying involves switching out all the doorknobs. Make sure to secure all the doors since they’re the usual entry point for burglars. The locksmith will change the arrangement of the internal mechanism of the door’s locks, making old keys useless. Then, the locksmith will create new keys for the latest configuration. 
  • Change the locks. If you decide to change the locks, it’s more expensive than a rekeying service. It’s an option worth checking out if you’re eager to update the aesthetic appeal of the current locks or if they have damage.

Organize all the keys.

If you receive several sets of keys from the previous homeowners, make sure to store them in a safe location in your home.   

When you have several keys for the different rooms in your new home, you must determine which keys operate which doors. Ensure you have all the keys on hand to start the moving process, especially if it has several rooms. One way to make it less burdensome is to label the keys appropriately.  

Install a deadbolt.

Enjoy an extra level of security for your home by installing a deadbolt. A deadbolt can provide better protection than a handle lock, but only if a professional installs it correctly. 

When your doors lack a deadbolt, checking out reputable providers such as ASAP Locksmith Frisco TX and others will ensure correct and proper installation.

Duplicate your house keys.

Once you successfully rekey or change the locks in your home, you need several copies of your new keys in case of emergencies.   

Keeping your keys in the usual spots, such as under the doormat or rock, is no longer advisable. Potential intruders typically search within a 10-foot area around your door. Try to look for an unusual location away from the front door to hide a copy of your key.   

A better approach is to provide a spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend you can readily obtain if you’re locked out of your home or lost your keys.

Extra security measures for your home.

The security of your home is the priority for any homeowner. Aside from the locks, several security measures are worth considering.  

One is installing a home security system or a motion-activated light on your front porch. If you have a security system, it notifies the authorities when there’s a break-in attempt. It can alert you and your neighbors of any movement on your front door.

Try to know your neighbors as you steadily integrate yourself into the community. Getting along with neighbors is an advantage, so you can request them to watch over your home if you’re away.  

Being familiar with the usual happenings in your neighborhood is also an advantage. Doing so will allow you to spot any suspicious behavior or strange individuals. Additionally, if your community has a neighborhood watch program, you can join to help keep your area safe and alert neighbors of any unusual activities you might witness.

In conclusion.

Security is one of the crucial elements for your home. If you recently moved to a new house, make sure to prioritize security above anything else. These locksmith tips for homeowners will serve as a guide to ensure the security and safety of your home.

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