How to Use a Bathroom Planner Design Software

Designing a Bathroom with 3D Design Software

If you are wanting to design a unique bathroom, consider using this Bathroom Planner, which features a wide range of functions, a simple interface, and minimal system requirements.

Designing a Bathroom with 3D Design Software

Designing a Bathroom with 3D Design Software

Designing a bathroom can be difficult, here is how to use this bathroom planner:

Algorithm for Working with Bathroom Planner

To use the Bathroom Planner, one must sign up for a free, or paid subscription. Next, to create a project, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open a new file with a clean scheduler workspace. Users can also download standard templates or import files previously created in other editors.
  • Use simple lines, rectangles, and other shapes, to create your design.
  • Bathroom flooring, walls, and other surfaces are assigned.
  • In the next step, the user chooses sanitary equipment.
  • The selection of furniture for the bathroom begins next. The application catalog has a lot of options in a convenient search engine.
  • Further, the user selects and assigns various elements of interior decor.
  • Electrical connection points are assigned correctly.
  • When the flat picture is completed, the platform switches to 3D mode.

At the final stage, you can rotate, and take screenshots to edit to your liking, and print if needed. Thus, with Planner 5D, every layman can easily create the bathroom of their dreams.

Benefits of Using the Bathroom Planner Platform

  • The simplicity of the interface.
  • Library for 4000 objects.
  • High accuracy of drawings, the presence of an engineering mode.
  • Creation of a high-quality 3D model. 
  • Export the finished work in various graphic formats.
  • Ability to work from scratch or use ready-made templates.
  • A convenient support service that works through communities, forums, in the form of a live chat, or through a written request to the platform employees online.

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