Garage Inspired Designs

Garage Inspired Designs

People might think this is a post for men or men wanting to design their man cave, but in fact, I am a car enthusiast and loved doing the research for this post. I am also an interior designer that thinks every room deserves a great plan and that would include the garage. Like with any room design, one must take inventory of the activities and storage that will be happening in that room and garages are the place where we store things. Most people take advantage of the vertical wall space to store things up high, but as most of us ladies know, it is a pain when you need to access it. I love the idea of designing a rolling ladder into the garage design, then you can create storage for anything.

Garage Inspired Designs

Garage Inspired Designs

Anytime I am involved with a home design, I make it a priority to make sure the garage doors do not face the front of the house, it kills the curb appeal. I loved the idea of creating decorative garage doors.

When you have a zero lot line home and need a place to store the car, why not go underground? How cool is this mechanism that would allow you to store two cars high?

If you’re rich, why not build your garages into the side of a mountain in Switzerland?

Concrete cubes embedded into the side of the Hordern mountains, located in Switzerland, were designed by architect Peter Kunz. His client wanted a place that allowed him to display his collection of cars where he could admire them.

Get a Professional Design

When designing a garage you really need a professional that will research the latest and most clever solutions for your needs. To really take your design over the top, work with a person that has the background to help you meet your expectations and get the most out of your space.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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