Crazy Cool Carports

Crazy Cool Carports

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Not everyone wants a garage or all of the requirements it takes to build one as every city has different requirements, but perhaps you still desire something to cover your car, and still looks attractive in your yard.

Options and inspirations reach to an attached carport, one that has an open design, or even a completely detached carport.

Crazy Cool Carports


An attached carport is probably easier and more convenient way to manage your carport, especially if it’s taking the place of a garage entirely.  But how do you accommodate this kind of innovative design.

This featured attached carport would be an ideal inspiration for a regular sized house suited somewhere in suburbia.  It doesn’t take up too much space, but still provides cover and protection from some of the elements.

This attached carport is in front of a garage allowing the functionality of a garage, but still affording some extra parking space or maybe just an area to avoid the elements even more.


Not all carports are required to be either attached or separate from your homestead, but the overhang itself can be left open and just as a bridge to cover your car so you can reach it in rain or snow.

This open designed carport has a stone wall and wooden overhang, looking beautiful, but still managing to serve the function it was intended for.

This carport gives the facade of a house itself, but  it’s really just an open planned carport for your car to sleep.  It’s a very cute design and one that would work well with a lot of property.


If you don’t have space right next to your house or your property is set up in such a way that your carport doesn’t have the ability to be attached or near the house, there are plenty of ways to design your detached carport.

This is a very simple detached carport inspiration that serves to simply keep your vehicle covered, but it’s large roof and open walls allow the design to be open and free to most of the elements.

This beautiful detached wooden designed carport has all the desires of a garage save the front door, and all the benefits of a carport itself, not to mention the wood itself is exquisite.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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