One thing most homeowners don’t think about is the home’s crawl space. However, it’s immensely important to think about your crawl space when you’re remodeling your home. In fact, if you might have some of the following issues listed below with your crawl space and might not even know it.

If it’s been a while since you did routine maintenance on your crawl space, we invite you to continue reading to learn more about the maintenance and upkeep of this seemingly insignificant area of the home.

8 Maintenance Recommendations for Your Home’s Crawl Space

8 Maintenance Recommendations for Your Home's Crawl Space

① Rodents & Bugs

Rodent and bug infestations are unfortunately common in homes. Studies in some insect-prone areas like Raleigh have shown that up to 100% of homes may have some form of bug issue in their home. Plus, 33% of people report having had termite problems or knowing someone who’s had termite problems.

② Snakes

One of the most frustrating things about snakes is that they’re good at getting into just about any place. Snakes can fit into extremely tight spaces; it’s not uncommon to hear stories from home inspectors finding a den of snakes in a home that is otherwise well maintained.

③ Wild Animals

In general, it’s a good idea to handle animals invasions as soon as possible. However, during nesting season, it’s even more important. That’s because animals that nest under your home can pull out insulation and ducting, causing serious damage to new designs. Plus, they can also lure in larger predators, which means additional danger for you and your family.

④ Mold & Mildew

You’ve probably heard people refer to certain types of mold as “toxic mold,” which can give off the false idea that some types of mold are safe to be around. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, even milder types of mold cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues, especially in people who already have respiratory problems.

⑤ Invasive Plants

These can be tougher to discover. It’s difficult for many people to uncover invasive plants without a crawl space inspection. However, these invasive plants and their roots can seriously damage your foundation, which can lead to sloped floors and cracks between walls.

⑥ People Living in Your Crawl Space

Have you ever considered whether someone may be living in your crawl space? This is naturally a security issue. While it’s true that it’s not very common, having strangers trying to live in your crawl space is obviously a significant concern.

⑦ Old Artillery

When you’re remodeling, you might end up making genuine structural changes to your home. Because many home décor products are heavy, you can also place weight differently than it’s currently placed.

This is a serious concern if you live in a historic area because the Smithsonian estimates that thousands of unexploded bombs still exist from WWII. Those unexploded bombs can still explode with enough weight on the wrong place.

⑧ Structural Issues

Of these concerns, the most important are structural issues. This is especially true if you’re planning to remodel. If you don’t schedule a home inspection before you do your home remodeling, you might find that the results are overwhelming and expensive structural issues.


The most important thing to take from this list is that it’s immensely important to schedule a crawl space inspection before you start doing any remodeling or renovation on your home. Following these tips will enable you to determine any problems under your crawl space so you can fix them before you begin your home remodeling or renovation projects.

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