In a city where the luxury condo market sizzles with activity, Miami has witnessed a flurry of opulent developments in recent years. The demand for high-end real estate in the Magic City has kept the construction cranes busy as developers strive to meet the insatiable appetite of discerning buyers. In one of the most ambitious and exciting projects to grace the Miami skyline, the iconic luxury brand Aston Martin ventured into the city’s thriving real estate market. However, due to unforeseen setbacks encountered during construction, this opulent endeavor faced a moment of uncertainty.

Let’s find out how the Aston Martin Residences, amidst these challenges, managed to overcome adversity and emerge as a symbol of uncompromising luxury in Miami’s ever-dazzling real estate landscape.

How Aston Martin Miami Overcame Building Challenges

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The Story So Far

In late 2017, the Aston Martin Residences project broke ground, promising to be a game-changer in Miami’s luxury real estate scene. With 391 units and the prestigious Aston Martin brand behind it, anticipation reached a fever pitch.

The condominium was expected to become the tallest tower south of New York City, a symbol of Miami’s ever-evolving skyline. Its design, characterized by sleek lines and a modern aesthetic, captured the essence of the Aston Martin brand — timeless sophistication fused with cutting-edge innovation.

As the project gained momentum, it encountered an unexpected twist. The escalating costs of construction materials and labor began to put immense pressure on the budget. The project’s financial stability faced uncertainty in the face of rapid inflation.

This unanticipated challenge led to Edgewater Construction Group, the stucco and drywall subcontractor for the Aston Martin Residences, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The rising costs of materials and labor had created cash flow problems, a common issue that several construction projects in Miami were grappling with at the time.

The challenges faced by Edgewater Construction were not unique in the construction industry, with many subcontractors struggling with similar cost increases. The electricians, structural contractors, and roofers were all dealing with the same financial pressures.

After a halt that lasted for several months, the project finally resumed in the summer of 2023. To navigate this financial crisis and ensure the project’s completion, an agreement was reached between Edgewater Construction Group and Coastal Construction, the general contractor. 

They facilitated Edgewater Construction’s return to work by promptly disbursing retention amounts — a lifeline that injected much-needed liquidity into the project. These funds were crucial for covering labor costs and addressing the challenges posed by escalating construction expenses.

Despite reaching significant construction milestones, including having completed more than 30 floors since late 2020, and topping out in 2021 the project’s completion date has been delayed considerably. Originally scheduled for completion in 2022, financial difficulties led to the delay, extending it to late 2023.

Even though financial difficulties caused delays, the condos at Aston Martin Residences continue to sell like hotcakes, with an impressive 98% already sold. This remarkable demand showcases the enduring appeal of both the Aston Martin brand and Miami’s luxury real estate market.

How Aston Martin Residences Define Luxury

Amidst the controversies and delays that shadowed its construction, one question lingers: why do people continue to flock to the Aston Martin Residences? The answer lies in their irresistible opulence, a charm that defies adversity. 

These residences are a testament to uncompromising luxury, where every detail is meticulously crafted to offer residents an experience beyond compare. Whether you seek the tranquility of a one-bedroom haven or the grandeur of a penthouse retreat, these homes define luxury living in the heart of Miami’s vibrant real estate scene.

For those interested in owning their piece of this iconic brand, an Aston Martin condo offers a rare opportunity to live in a place where sophistication and innovation meet. Let’s explore what sets an Aston Martin condo apart in the realm of Miami’s luxury real estate.

Residence Features

Aston Martin Residences stands tall with 66 floors, offering a total of 391 residential condominium units. These homes are the epitome of luxury living, designed to cater to a variety of lifestyles and preferences.

From one-bedroom residences to expansive five-bedroom duplexes and penthouses, the Aston Martin Residences offer a range of floor plans to suit your needs. The generous space in each residence provides ample room for living, working, and relaxation.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by premium white marble flooring that graces the living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. The 10-foot ceiling heights in residences (which soar to an impressive 12 feet in the penthouses) create an open and airy atmosphere, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, offering breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, the ocean, and the dynamic Miami skyline. Step out onto your balcony, featuring finished porcelain flooring, and soak in the stunning panoramas.

The heart of these residences is their custom Bulthaup brand kitchens, where form meets function. Equipped with top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, culinary enthusiasts will find everything they need to create gourmet meals.

Even the bathrooms are a work of art, boasting custom-designed cabinetry that marries style and functionality seamlessly. Every inch of the Aston Martin Residences exudes elegance and sophistication. 


Luxury living is not just about where you reside; it’s an experience defined by the amenities and services that elevate everyday life to extraordinary heights. Aston Martin Residences understands this concept profoundly, offering a plethora of amenities that exemplify opulence and comfort.

From the moment you step into the building, you’re greeted by the meticulous interior architecture crafted by acclaimed architects BMA & Revuelta Architecture International. The full-service building provides concierge and hospitality-inspired services, ensuring your every need is met.

For those with a passion for maritime adventures, the super yacht marina facilities offer a gateway to the high seas. Membership in “The Aston Martin Club” opens doors to exclusive privileges, and the building even features a helipad on the rooftop, allowing for convenient and luxurious transportation options.

Valet and self-parking options are available 24/7, with valet charging stations for electric cars and the convenience of a valet butler. If you have a penchant for two-wheeled adventures, additional bicycle and private storage spaces are at your disposal.

Moving within the building is a breeze with 10 destination-controlled super high-speed elevators and dedicated service elevators. Digital connectivity keeps you in touch with concierge services and all building amenities from the comfort of your residence.

On the 55th floor, an infinity pool awaits, providing breathtaking rooftop views. The fitness spa and fitness center offer a serene space for exercise and relaxation, complete with meditation rooms and treatment suites. Private steam rooms, saunas, and locker facilities add to the sense of indulgence.

For business needs, a state-of-the-art business center and conference rooms are available. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the art gallery and art lobby on the 53rd floor. And for entertainment, there’s a private residence movie theater, event space, kids playroom, teen center, and game rooms.

Other amenities include virtual golf, a beauty salon with various stations, and a pet-friendly atmosphere. These amenities not only define luxury living at Aston Martin Residences but elevate it to a realm of unparalleled comfort and sophistication.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Aston Martin Residences in Miami faced significant challenges in 2022 due to inflation and a labor shortage that affected the construction industry. These issues led to delays in the project, extending its completion date to late 2023. 

However, through collaboration and innovative solutions, the project has overcome these obstacles. With its unwavering demand, meticulous design, and top-tier amenities, Aston Martin Residences now stands ready to redefine luxury living in Miami, showcasing resilience in the face of adversity.

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