When you have problems with constant insects inside your home, it is essential to find ways to keep bugs out of your home once and for all. This is an unpleasant task for anyone but the good news is there are ways to get rid of these pests.

So, we invite you to continue reading for excellent recommendations by professional exterminators to keep bugs out of your house.

Keep Bugs Out of Your Home • 7 Effective Recommendations

Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

Recommendation 1 • Keep Your Home Clean

While you may vacuum, mop and dust your home weekly, you must clean your home even more thoroughly to get rid of insects. We tell our customers to remove items from the cupboards, closets, garages, and basements to look for insects. During this process, it is a good idea to throw away any unneeded items along with using better storage systems such as plastic totes with lids. Wash the walls, cupboard shelves, and all other surfaces to remove any debris that can attract ants or cockroaches.

Recommendation 2 • Seal Crevices and Holes with Liquid Caulking

Throughout the cleaning process, make sure to notice any crevices or holes in the walls or around the baseboards where insects can enter. Then, use a liquid caulking material to seal these openings. Insects also enter through light switch covers or electrical outlets. To prevent this from happening, use a foam material or caulking to seal these areas.

But, don’t neglect the places where drywall and wood are joined together and eventually separate, including around windows and doors. So, be sure to inspect and seal these openings.

Recommendation 3 • Make Repairs to the Exterior of Your Home

If the exterior of your home is deteriorating, then it is easy for termites or cockroaches to enter through the rotting siding materials or the roofing system. Use a ladder to inspect your home’s rooftop to look for loose or missing shingles along with other problems that can occur along the eaves or gutters. Insects enter through the holes in these areas of your home, and they immediately scurry into the walls to breed and infest your home.

Keep Bugs Out by Removing Breeding Grounds

Recommendation 4 • Eliminate Breeding Grounds Near to Your Home

You might be encouraging insects to live outside your home which makes it makes it inevitable for pests to enter your home when it rains or snows. For instance, piles of firewood or lumber will attract termites to your home very quickly. So arrange those piles of firewood farther away from your home’s structure whenever possible.

Additionally, if you have items that hold standing water, then you are creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also, make sure that the lids fit securely on your trash cans and keep them clean inside and out to avoid attracting insects.

Recommendation 5 • Check Your Property’s Water Pipes and Sewer Lines

Many types of insects are attracted to moist environments, so you check your home’s plumbing fixtures and water pipes for leaks. If you have a broken pipe or a leaking fixture, then call for repair right and include replacing the drywall and wood rot.

Also, verify that the sewer lines outside your home aren’t leaking sewage onto the lawns because this also attracts insects to your property. When that happens, these beetles, flies or cockroaches also naturally invade the interior of your home.

Recommendation 6 • Include Natural Home Remedies

For the sake of your family’s health and the environment, use natural products to get rid of insects. Some insects are deterred by certain odors, so you can mix essential oils such as peppermint or lavender with water to spray on the areas where ants or cockroaches tend to invade. The beauty of essential oils is that they have a nice fragrance, but the liquids are not poisonous to your family or small animals.

Keep Bugs Out with Professional Exterminators

Recommendation 7 • Call Our Exterminators Today

Turner residential pest control in Jacksonville, Florida, has experts who understand how to prevent infestations of insects, and we can also get rid of the disgusting bugs that have entered your home.

We hope this article gives you plenty of ways to eliminate pests from your home. We’d love to hear from you in the comments about how you keep bugs out of your home. Additionally, there are links below of related topics for your convenience and enjoyment.

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