The whole house water filtration system is larger and more expensive than the best range of under-sink water filters in Sydney. But, while under-sink water filters are a viable option, the whole house filter has several advantages.

Probably the biggest advantage is convenience. Because the whole house system covers all water outlets you will always have access to filtered water, without having to remember to go to one tap. This also ensures that you’re using filtered water when you shower.

Chlorine is added to tap water to kill bacteria, it’s removed by the whole house water filter which protects you from health issues associated with chlorine. While most people don’t notice the effects of chlorine in a shower, if you have allergies you be glad that you have a whole house water filtration system in place.

To help ensure you purchase the right water filter, below are three little known facts.

Whole House Water Filters for Your Home

3 Little-Known Facts About Whole House Water Filters

Carbon Filters Don’t Remove Chloramines

Chlorine is the most popular chemical used by water boards to treat water. However, some water boards prefer to use chloramines. These are not the same as chlorine and, if you have a carbon filter, it won’t be able to remove the chloramines from your water.

It’s essential you check with your water board which chemicals are used in treating your water. You can even have a water test done at home. Choosing a carbon water filter is fine if chlorine is in use. If not, select a different type of water filter.

Has the Filter Been Tested?

It surprising but true that not all water filters get the right testing. It’s important to verify your chosen filter and filtration system are tested and certified. This will ensure it is doing the job you’re paying for.

Moreover, just because two filters include the same material, it doesn’t mean they offer the same level of protection. Choose the water filter with the highest contaminant removal rate, usually expressed as a percentage. Also, make sure this has been verified by an independent third-party. Check this list of the best fluoride water filters with review for 2021 from waterfilterspot.

You May Need A Secondary Water Filter

When you install a whole house carbon-based filtration system , it gives you peace of mind. However, if the filter isn’t the correct size for your water supply it will not be as effective as a drinking water filter!

Why not consider a separate water filter for drinking water? That makes the aim of the whole house system one of convenience as well as water quality.

You simply need to know the flow rate of your water and make sure that the whole house system is properly calculated to remove contaminants. This might mean using more than one carbon filter in your whole house system. Filtering the water twice is an effective way of removing as many contaminants as possible.

It’s best to speak to the experts when calculating and choosing a water filter system because they help ensure you have the perfect fit for your needs.

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