Recliners are some of the most popular chairs in use in living rooms everywhere and they’ve been around for a long time. Historically, it is rumored that one of the first reclining chairs was owned by Napoleon III in the 1800s.

However, if you’re not a great fan of recliners or if it has been a while since you sat in one, here are some interesting benefits of owning recliners.

3 Great Reasons to Sleep in Recliners

Over 30 million Americans go without enough quality sleep on a regular basis. If you are one of these people, we suggest that you sleep in a recliner as a solution. Evidence suggests that recliners may offer some relaxation benefits that beds do not. Here are 3 reasons why recliners are a great way to sleep for some people.


Better Circulation and Stress Relief

Sore knees and varicose veins are just some of the symptoms if you work on your feet over long periods of time. Leg inflammation causes pain, stiffness, and joint tension.

Pain from poor circulation is reduced when you lift your legs above the heart because that causes the blood to circulate freely back to the heart. In addition, recliners are easily adjustable to customize your comfort. Combined with meditation or mental exercises, a recliner helps greatly with physical and mental stress relief.

Sleeper Chairs Can Ease Back Pain

For those suffering a sore back from a day hunched over an office desk, a recliner is a welcome sight. Recliners take the weight off your back and help extend the spine. Also, high-quality recliners offer superior neck, head, and lumbar support. For instance, pregnant women with back pain often find relief when they relax in a recliner.

Sleep in a recliner offers a comfortable alternative for elderly or disabled people. So, if it is difficult for you or a family member to get in and out of a traditional bed, perhaps you will find recliners easier in which to maneuver and relax.

Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea Relief

Seven million Americans suffer symptoms of reflux disease, and many of them have nightly heartburn. Sleeping in an elevated position allows gravity to do the work to keep stomach acids where they belong. If you angle the upper body slightly, as in a recliner, it helps relieve symptoms of heartburn.

In addition, those with sleep apnea benefit greatly from recliners. Sleep apnea is a disease that might cause life-threatening disrupted breathing patterns. A pillow tilts the head forward and constricts the airways, however, a recliner tilts the entire upper body simultaneously to breathe clearly.

Whether you need a short nap or a good night’s sleep, recliners have lots of comfortable benefits. We recommend that you visit the European Leather Gallery for a great variety of ergonomic recliners. From better circulation to relief from pain and sleep disorders, we think you will find that recliners are a great option for relaxation and sleep.

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