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Dig This Designs pick… for Best in Show at #KBIS…

As always, Kohler did it BEST!

I have been attending The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show for over twenty years and I am always excited to visit the Kohler booth. Kohler is the candy store for designers such as myself.  I skip through their booth viewing Kohler, Kallista and let us not forget Ann Sacks tile, yummy!

Introducing Numi, Kohler’s most advanced high-tech toilet. The contemporary toilet offers a smart water conservation system.


Numi Remote Interface Home Screen


Motion Activated Lid and Seat
Front sensors react to your movement when
you enter the room for hands-free opening and
closing of the cover. Motion at the floor-level
engages sensors to raise and lower seat.


Advanced Bidet Operating features
Self-cleaning wand features multiple options for
water spray pattern. Adjust wand position, water
pressure and temperature to your preferences


Integrated Air Dryer
Located in the wand for more efficient drying.


Air is pulled through a powerful
deodorizing charcoal filter.


Heated Seat
Warms the seat to your comfort level.


Feet Warming
Warm air from floor-level vents, heats
the floor surface and warms your feet.


Illuminated Panels
Ambient lighting illuminates your
space with a soft, inviting glow.


Speakers located at the back of the toilet allow you to play a pre-programmed song that comes with Numi, listen to FM radio, and play music from your own personal music device
At the Kohler booth you can also view the latest in Ann Sacks tile and the latest thing in the Ann Sacks line is Vincent Wolf. Vincent has designed a line of tile that you just have to see, touch and feel.




Vicente Wolf is the founder of Vicente Wolf Associates, an interior design firm, and VW Home, a retail store and showroom, in New York city. His design work has been featured in several high-end American hotels, restaurants and private homes from New York to Switzerland. Wolf has published three design books that focus design inspirations found throughout his travels.
Pamela Smith Aronoe, Patricia Davis Brown and Mick De Giulio
Kallista introduces, The Mick De Giulio Kitchen Sinks collection.


Duh, winning!


Leave it to Kallista, a leading provider of luxury plumbing products to know a winning talent when they see it. Mick is doing a book tour right now promoting his latest book, Kitchen Centric, featuring his master pieces in kitchen design.


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