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6 Styles of Winter Rugs You Can Heat Up Over

6 Styles of Winter Rugs You Can Heat Up Over

Winter rugs have so much more to offer than warming your feet. As a decor item, they are a great way to refresh your interior design for the winter season. They’re also a great way to subtly change the look and feel of any room at any time of year.

For those who like to change out their rugs with the seasons, here are six inspirations to get your winter creativity flowing.

Winter Rugs • 6 Styles for Inspiration

Winter Lodge Rustic

Could this modern lodge-style room be any more heartwarming? It’s impossible to find a space in this room that is not either a natural element or is completely surrounded by one. The room colors of wood, leather, and stone fill the geometric patterns in this rug. Moreover, this provocative rug provides a visual pathway from the center of the room to the breathtaking view outside.

Winter Rugs Aspen Ski Lodge Ethnic Patterns

Image Source

Modern Sizzle Statement

An extra layer of sizzlingly elegant energy brings this modern dining room to life with its red, orange, pink, and purple area rug. How imaginative it is to add this rug to the earthy textures of cement, wood, and metal in this modern interior design.

Winter Rugs Contemporary Design

Image Source

Urban Interior Naturals

Greenery, wood, and metal combine for this naturalistic yet urban interior design. At the same time, the straight and geometric lines of this design are delightfully interrupted by the offset op art rug with its black and white brilliance.

Winter Rugs Black White Jungle Stripes

Image Source

Classic Vintage Style

It doesn’t have to be a traditional setting for this rug to fit in, however, this small vintage rug fits in nicely with this English country room setting. It brightly pops as it sits on top of a snow white plush carpet. This room feels like winter warm with its dark orange and light toast color scheme.

Winter Rugs Orange-Brown English Country

Image Source

Chevron Winter Brown

From the beige to white walls to the sofa with wintery blue pillows, this room makes a modern, fluid statement. Additionally, the caramel-hued wood furniture and leather chairs in the dining room are delicious atop a lighter shade of hardwood floor. While beneath it all, the jazzy brown and white chevron rug brings this entire space together.

Image Source

Nordic Winter Neutrals

Big loops in a cross-hatch pattern in this Nordic-style rug add warm and wonderful layers of texture to this bedroom. White walls contrasted with thin black big frames are greeted with pops of greenery here and there while the light greys and beiges in the fabrics give this room a soft feeling of comfort.

Image Source

Now that you’ve viewed these examples of inspiration, do you know what you want in your home? If you’re still not sure, I suggest that you continue your search to find just the right winter rugs for your interior design. With so many from which to choose and a little effort, you’re sure to find the perfect rug for your beautiful home.

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