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4 Inspirations of Gold Wall Decor for Warmth and Sparkle

4 Inspirations of Gold Wall Decor for Warmth and Sparkle

Winter is the perfect time of year for the warm effect of gold decor on your walls. Do you know that some people believe that gold has a relaxing effect on humans? Some also believe that gold has healing qualities. It’s logical because when we relax, our bodies heal faster. Never-the-less, there is nothing that will warm your winter decor better than a sparkling touch of gold to your walls.

Wall Decor in Your Home • Sparkle with the Spirit of Gold

Round Statement Mirror

Do you want to make a striking statement for your walls? The elegance of this modern Italian gold leaf round mirror does just that and does so in exceptional style. Place this over a buffet, at the end of a hallway or over your sofa to add this golden beauty to your home decor.

Gold Round Statement Mirror

Image Source

Wallpaper that Pops

The illusion of 3D makes this wallpaper unique and exciting. What a winter wonderland you walk into with golden 3D snowflakes across your entire living room wall! The nice thing about modern wallpaper is it’s easier to remove than its predecessors so you can switch things up when Spring rolls around.

Gold 3D Snowflake Wallpaper

Image Source

Golden Glitter Lips

I’m absolutely in love with this modern setting. The textures of the concrete wall and the patterned canvas are a perfect backdrop for the golden glitter lips. The simplicity of the chair with its light wood and taupe fabric enhance the beauty of this decor in which all the elements work together for a wow statement.

Gold Lips Statement Grey Wall

Image Source

Holiday Cheer Decal

If you’re into simplicity, you’ll love this peel off Christmas decor. This is great for last-minute party decorations or as a modern minimal design for the holidays. I recommend that you continue to search online for other holiday peel offs that make your life easier. This is easy to implement and a cheerful message for all who visit you over the holidays!

Gold Merry Christmas Peel Off Wall Decal

Image Source

I hope you’ve found these examples of golden wall decor to be something that might sparkle your walls during the long winter months or any time of year. May the warmth of gold enliven your walls for all the seasons of your life as you entertain your family, friends, and guests.

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