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3 Tufted Headboard Designs for Your Luxurious Bedroom

3 Tufted Headboard Designs for Your Luxurious Bedroom

You can make an effortless statement of luxury when you add a tall tufted headboard to your bedroom interior. These start with a headboard with a flat surface with a thin layer of padding with an outer layer of upholstery fabric. Then, buttons are added to make the “tufts” in the design. You can even use an old headboard, nail flat pieces of wood over it and cover it for a DIY rectangle tufted headboard at a low cost!

The examples shown here are warm to neutral tones but there’s no need to stick to these colors. With the use of the right fabrics, you can have a vintage glam look to a deep dark rich chesterfield look. Within this style, there are horizontal tufts, vertical tufts, and diamond tufts.

In particular, the diamond tufted versions are a timeless favorite of many designers. Below, you will find three gorgeous bedrooms in warm to neutral tones that elegantly display this style of headboard.

Tufted Headboards for a Statement of Elegance in Your Bedroom

Warm Brown • Olive Green

Diamond pattern in the headboard, comforter, and on top of the storage trunk bring continuity of design to this bedroom. The thick beveled border makes this headboard stand out yet it blends beautifully with the rest of the room. Dark olive green in the throw pillows and glass ornaments accent these brown earth tones for an aura of classic refinement.

Headboard tufted tall browns golds beiges satiny finishes

Image Source

White on Grey • Silver Accents

Bright white and grey go together to make this room a cheerful surprise. I love the silver upholstery tacks along the side of the headboard and the way it curves back at the top for an outstanding finish. The bold pattern of the comforter along with the soft silvery throw gives this room a bright morning look.

Headboard tufted white with grey and silver covers grey walls white trim light wood floor

Image Source

Ecru & Silvery WhiteBlack & Brown

Natural light and white accents bring this soothing room to life. White crown molding adds an air of fun sophistication against the ecru walls. It’s also interesting that the grand tufted white headboard with black rim is reflected in the nightstand design. Super soft bed coverings and a silky area rug contribute to a comfortable, relaxing bedroom. What’s more, the vintage brown stackable hat boxes are just the right touch of nostalgic decor for this modern design.

Headboard tufted silver and grey linens patterns crown molding

Image Source

So, have you fallen in love with tufted headboards? If so, keep searching until you find the perfect headboard for you. In the meantime, there are more links below for your further education and enjoyment.

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