Daily inspirational thoughts to set intentions.

I stop breathing sometimes when life gets tough. I know this is the time I must find my breath to reach my inner peace.

February 26th, Daily Intention

Our inner breath is there, we just need to center and find it.      
Do not be afraid of CHANGE! Without it there would be no growth. My goal every day is to search for my next learning path to create my personal evolution.

February 17th, Daily Intention

Keep the evolution of YOU going!      
You are beautiful and you are LOVED. All you have to do is to believe it! Happy Valentine's Day weekend, to ALL my beautiful friends!

February 12th, Daily Intentions

Know you are LOVED!      
One negative person can change the whole atmosphere in a room. Don't let negative people suck you into their toxic world. Avoid them by not inviting them into yours. Shut the door, BAM!

February 11, Daily Intention

” />Haters aren't invited in.        
There is such strength in the ability to have patience and wait for what will be to be. If I remind myself that I cannot change the past or control the future, it brings a calmness and acceptance of not expecting anything.

February 8th, Daily Intention

Having patience is the hardest thing I've ever done! For more daily intentions, click PATTYISM.      
You can keep telling yourself anything you want to believe, but the truth is the truth. Face reality like a warrior by standing up to it, owning it, and conquering it!

February 5th, Daily Intention

Put you super hero cape on and deal with it!      
FREE yourself of ALL doubters by believing in YOU!

February 2nd, Daily Intention

FREE yourself of ALL doubters by believing in YOU! Click here for more PATTYISMS.        
It is my nature to want to extend my hand to help someone in need. The older I get, the more I realize, the ones who really want help find a way to get better and the ones that don't keep reaching out to pull you down with them.

February 1st, Daily Intention

Eliminate toxins from your world to avoid the drama. Peace to all who want it and the ones that seek drama can have it!      
People say to dress my age, and I say, "age is a number that doesn't define ME."

January 28th, Daily Intention

Express yourself! For more PATTYISM.        
Equality is such a simple concept, why is it even a question in a civilized society? Let's honor each others differences today and everyday to expand our world beyond ourselves.

January 27th, Daily Intention

Honor each others difference to create a more colorful world.      
You will always have those that doubt your abilities in making your dreams a reality. Don't let the chatter blind you from your chosen path. Dream it, believe it, become it!

January 25th, Daily Intention

To ALL the dreamers out there, this one's for you!      
If you don't like it CHANGE it. If something in your LIFE is causing you to be unhappy, it's not worth it! I believe in looking forward to each and every day of life. Don't waste it on things or people that give you grief.

January 15th, Daily Intention

You have the power to be happy, just do it!