Daily inspirational thoughts to set intentions.

June 11th, Daily Intention

June 11th, Daily Intention

Daily Intention My daily intentions are my own and are meant to make me self-aware of what I need to do in my life's journey. I welcome you to share them in hopes it will inspire others. Rise to the challenge as all warriors do. …
June 4th, Daily Intention (1)

June 4th, Daily Intention

Surround yourself with supportive friends that make you laugh!
Copy of May 28th, Daily Intention

May 28th, Daily Intention

We need to be accountable for only our actions. Be the best that you can be always, it's that simple. My daily intention is meant to be shared if you think it will help another. Daily Intention...    
May 21st, Daily Intentions

May 21st, Daily Intention

Today's Daily Intention Life is a journey of lessons that you are meant to experience.   For more PATTYISMS.    
May 7th, Daily Intentions forgiveness

May 7th, Daily Intention

Daily Intention is Forgiveness Finding forgiveness is healing and letting go of what no longer works is therapeutic.     For more PATTYISMS.    
April 30th, Daily Intention

April 30th, Daily Intention

Believing in yourself enough to succeed is the beginning of the journey.     For more daily intentions click PATTYISMS.    
I cannot accept just one kind of me. Finding comfort in a single space doesn't fit and it never will. I am an ever changing evolving girl and I can't wait to meet the new and improved me!

April 23rd, Daily Intention

Keep the evolution of self-going!     For more shareable PATTYISMS.    
When I stopped trying to be someone else's idea of perfect, I became ME! Trying to live someone else's truth is like a pair of shoes that is a size too small, it hurts!

April 16th, Daily Intention

You are perfectly AWESOME!      
April 9th, Daily Intention

April 9th, Daily Intentions

Don't invite the haters and enjoy the party!     For more PATTYISMS you can share.
April 2nd, Daily Intention

April 2nd, Daily Intention

Sharable Intention Today I will be the new and improved me!      
Ladies, know if your man tells you to calm down he is fucking with you and simply wants to piss you off!

March 24th, Daily Intention

Simply be unfuckablewith!      
If you find yourself complaining about life, simply take responsibility for what is wrong and work towards a solution. Don't dwell on negatives and don't run from the obvious.

March 21st, Daily Intention

You have the power to create the world you want, just do it!