Daily inspirational thoughts to set intentions.

I am MORE than just a girl, wife, mother, daughter, sister, business woman. I am a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL woman, capable of multi-tasking LIFE while never losing sight of what makes me feel sexy!

January 11th, Daily Intention

I am woman hear me ROAR!      
Maybe if we all didn't feel a need to take a side, we'd be more empathetic to one another. Resist judgement and expand your world.

January 8th, Daily Intention

Resist being put in a box by opening your mind.      
I have the power to let go of things that no longer serve me, and the courage to move on.

January 5th, Daily Intention

Today's mantra.      
LIFE is how you interpret it. If you want your world to be better, change your inner thoughts to reflect the world you want. Your negativity becomes your reality and you have the power to change it.

December 29th, Daily Intention

Visualize your world and LIVE it!      
To make a positvie change in the New Year, be positive. I hear the same people complaining about the same things over and over again. How can they not know that the change starts from within? PATTYISM

December 28th, Daily Intention

Positivity is infectious! Spread the vibe to infect the world!  
Don't remain comfortable by just simply being. DISRUPT your world by creating a change of evolutionary proportions...YOU! PATTYISM

December 22nd, Daily Intention

If you never venture outside of the box then you will never reach your FULL potential!      
Making excuses for friends who take you for granted just makes you an enabler. Don't allow people to treat you with disrespect, ever! Hold people accountable and if they are a real friend they will acknowledge it and never do it again and if they don't then they were never a friend anyway! PATTYISM

December 11th, Daily Intentions

Respect is necessary in any relationship.      
View the world through a prism and find ALL colors beautiful! PATTYISM

December 10th, Daily Intention

View the world through a prism and find ALL colors beautiful!      
An open mind has the ability to grow. A closed mind, who chooses not to listen, is wasted on themselves. PATTYISM

December 9th, Daily Intention

Open your mind and open your world!        
CONFIDENCE is a girl's best friend, but makeup is a fabulous accessory! PATTYISM

December 8th, Daily Intention

There is nothing sexier than a confident lady!      
A bully's only motive is to instill FEAR into your world. Don't be a victim of this insanity, continue living your life despite their efforts...and you win! PATTYISM

December 4th, Daily Intention

Rise above hate.      
Every lady should be adored and if she is not, she should love herself enough to walk away. PATTYISM

December 3rd, Daily Intention

LOVE starts with self.