Transforming Dreams into Inspiration

Design inspiration comes from many a muse.  Today we learn how our expert contributor and design consultant, DeAnna Radaj, transformed a 17 year old boy’s love of film into a restful getaway for his recovery process.  Turning dreams into something tangible and inspiring is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of design.

Walking Your Own Red Carpet

I was hired to design a room for a 17yr old boy, who had some mental & physical disabilities. He had to undergo another surgery (#21!) & there needed to be changes made to his bedroom so he could get around without doing excessive bending, stretching or stooping. When I arrived for the initial consultation, I was met with tons of clutter, movie collectables & basically chaos. Since Geoffrey would be spending most of his time in his room during his recovery & rehab, I knew we had to a) de-clutter the space so he could get around, make it more efficient & logical (from a space plan stand-point & due to his logic limitations in how he processed information) and b) make the room enjoyable for him to spend his time in.

First, I interviewed Geoffrey to see what he was excited & passionate about…it was MOVIES which was no surprise, as he wanted to become an editor & then direct. So, based on the design work I do, I developed a color scheme that was condusive for a bedroom (cool colors), one that would be interesting (contrasting tones) & one that brought in his love of movies: RED CARPET RED was used as the accent color & used to highlight specific activity areas (getting dressed, entertaining & sleeping). He already had a beautiful deep blue/black ceiling (looked like the night sky!) so the accent red & blue-gray & white colors were a perfect match, & also served to make the room cool, comfortable & restful.

Since Geoffrey was now excited & engaged, he was more than ready to join me in clutter-busting his room (this was a project!). This also helped me to get him to release old, age-inappropriate toys, books & collectables. I also changed out his movie posters (he loved horror/gore movies which are NOT condusive to a good night’s sleep) & had a poster commissioned to hang over his bed, acting as a headboard, for his “dream” company’s logo & tag line.

Room was de-cluttered, painted & new posters were hung. I also designed a painted border (plate rail height) that looked like film being un-rolled from the reel & where we placed the titles to his favorite movies. A new space-plan was completed to “zone” the room according to acivity, which would help him a) keep room organized & b) help him logically know what goes where & what to do where.

To accessorize the room, besides the custom logo poster, was a custom director’s chair with his name emblazoned on the back to sit in his media/gaming area, a sign for his front door where he could change out the letters to show “what was playing” (or doing) & finally, I had a red carpet made (accent rug & runner) from the company that actually makes red carpets for events, so he literally would WALK on his own red carpet.

He loved it!

DeAnna Radaj, Eco-shui Design Consultant, Owner of Bante Design LLC, Bante Design LLC

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