Storage Solutions for a Small Bathroom

Many older homes are plagued with small bathrooms in tight areas where expansion is nearly impossible. But, a small bathroom doesn’t have to be a storage curse. We pulled these pictures from Pinterest in our search for ideas to transform a small, cluttered bathroom into one of style and convenience.

Check out how you might be able to gain storage without losing a lot of valuable space!

Portable Bathroom Shelving Units and Drawers

If you don’t like airing your makeup collection to the guests, try using some portable storage shelves that can be easily wheeled out when hosting parties or having company.

Shelving, baskets, and containers are a great way to turn the space over your toilet into a visually pleasing storage area.  This particular design is well planned and executed.

What a great way to use an otherwise wasted space!  Placing a shelf over your door to store items that aren’t often used is an excellent way to free up some space for items you like to have more accessible.

Choosing a sink that is mounted on top of your counter space frees up the area under your sink for storage.

Wall mounting your faucet fixtures is a great way to include a narrow sink and vanity without taking up too much of the room you have to move around in your small bathroom.

What is your favorite storage solution for your small bathroom?

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