The Ugliest Kitchen Contest: OUR WINNER!

Dana H. from Knoxville, TN is a finalist in our Ugliest Kitchen Contest. Dana is hoping to win the grand prize – which is a complete design plan for a new kitchen from Patricia Davis Brown and ongoing consulting services to help Dana through a complete kitchen transformation.

Take a look at Dana’s kitchen and use the form below to vote if you think this kitchen deserves the grand prize!

Meet Dana’s Kitchen

Dana’s kitchen is a great example of why you should work with an interior designer that knows the difference between trends and fads and can help you develop a classic look.

Everything in this kitchen was an extremely hot “fad” – that went out of style as quickly as it came in.

There is just too much going on here! Between the brick veneers on the walls, the wood cabinets, butcher block counters and parquet wood floor, it takes a second look to note that YES – those are cedar shingles across the soffit!


Dana’s Dream Kitchen

Dana is dreaming of a bright, clean and contemporary kitchen with modern details. The rest of the house is very interesting and an updated kitchen will help create a great space for entertaining.

Dana is also considering adding on around 8 feet to help improve the layout and bring in natural light with more windows and skylights.

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