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Designing the Perfect Bar for Your Aesthetic

Thinking of opening a bar in your town? Here are some great considerations when designing the perfect bar to match your ideas.
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Medical Office

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Medical Office

If you’re planning to sell your medical office space, we invite you to continue reading to learn the common mistakes to avoid.
The How-To and the Benefits of Investing in REITs

Benefits of Investing in REITs & How to do it

Have you been considering the idea of growing your real estate portfolio? Why not consider the option of investing in REITS?
What you Need to Know About the Cisco 200-201 Exam for Cybersecurity

Cisco 200-201 Exam: All the Significant Features You Ought to Know. Are Practice Tests Helpful Training Materials?

Security experts are in demand. With the Cisco CyberOps Associate credential after passing the 200-201 exam you will have what you need to achieve this.
4 Tips for Selecting the Right Trailer for Your Business

4 Tips for Selecting the Right Trailer for Your Business

Trailers are useful for businesses that do pickups, deliveries and many other uses, but to get the right trailer is also important. Naturally, there are several different types of trailers from which to select, depending on the needs of your…
What You Can Learn from Vincent van Gogh

Why You Don’t Want to Be an Artist Like Vincent van Gogh

The life and death of Vincent van Gogh fascinate the public. His name is synonymous with sadness while his artistic genius is known all over the world. For instance, there aren’t many people who haven’t seen an amazing print of The Starry…
Business Analytics

Analytics is Worth Looking at Even for Interior Design Firms

Companies collect and analyze data to get a better handle in all departments of their operation. For years I fought involving myself in looking at analytics because as a designer I didn't think I knew how to read it well and apply techniques…
Interior Designer's Perspective on How To Avoid a Difficult Client

An Interior Designer’s Perspective on How To Avoid a Difficult Client

We've all heard the horror stories about the client from hell. Being in the high end interior design business for 28 years, I have met all kinds of clients. When working in someone's personal space it can become very personal, and I absolutely…

The Value of Keeping Items in Stock

In today's world of Internet options, there's no reason for no having items in stock so that you never run out if you want to make sales.