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7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Yard

This time of year, I get the Spring cleaning bug. When that happens, even the thought of tiny flowers pushing through the snow gives me the energy to get up and get things done. Everything gets cleaned! But nothing is more important than the…
Outdoor Speakers are Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining!

Outdoor Speakers are Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining!

Music is something that we all enjoy. Who says music has to be restricted to indoor areas? Outdoor speakers are becoming increasingly popular for people who love music, and love to be outdoors in their backyard too. There are so many different…
All About Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards: Are they Worth It?

Many homeowners would do anything to avoid the tedious (and possibly frightening) task of cleaning out the gutters. After all, who wants to spend a few hours up on a ladder to clean muck out of a gutter? This is where the appeal of gutter guards…