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install a gas fireplacecanva

Reasons To Install a Gas Fireplace

Wondering if you should install a gas fireplace? Nothing can be more relaxing and comforting than a warm fireplace when it comes to home heating. Gas fireplaces are becoming a more popular choice for homeowners because they are easy to operate…
Fireplace Servicingcanva

Fireplace Servicing: 9 Warning Signs To Follow

The fireplace is your home’s centerpiece, but you need to make sure fireplace servicing is taking place. With that said, it’s recommended that it be a familiar and comforting focal point in your living space. However, if you’ve skipped…
Gas leaks in your home

Gas Leaks; the Dangers You Need to Know

If you have gas mains in your home, or even if you use bottled gas, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of gas leaks; how to detect a leak and what to do if it happens. This knowledge might literally save your life. The Dangers of…