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Personal Budget Planning

6 Steps to Create an Effective Personal Budget Plan

One of the most effective ways of achieving your financial goals is to set a personal budget plan. For example, are you saving for a home, planning for a vacation, or looking for ways to get out of debt? In our post today, we show you six…
Finding Ways to Diversify Your Design Business (1)

Design Business; 3 Ways to Diversify Income

As a veteran of the design industry, I have witnessed good times and bad. It has taught me to not assume that every year will bring in the same amount of income. As a matter of fact, during the recession, I saw many design businesses close…
Customize Your Bunk Bed Space

Customize Your Bunk Bed Space

In a nation where financial freedom isn't what it once what was, many people are downsizing space in their homes, specifically bed rooms, and bunk beds are a great way to double up the kiddos and give them more space for activities.  They…