Tips for Designing an Architecture Office
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Designing an Architecture Office – What you Need to Know

So, you’ve done it. You’ve taken the plunge and started your own architecture firm. First of all, congrats for having the bravery to do so! The most difficult part of making a successful startup architecture business is sorting out an office…
Tips for Designing Your Dream Home
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Designing Your Dream Home – What You Need to Know

Once you’ve decided that you want to build your next home, rather than simply going out and buying it, you need to think about the process. The first step is selecting the perfect lot for your future abode. After this, you need to focus on…


Family Friendly Kid Spaces

Designing family friendly spaces for kids is fun for everyone from the professional interior designer to DIY home designers. We've compiled great interior design ideas to help you decorate your kid's bedroom, kid's playroom or your baby nursery. Patricia…