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Glass Partitions An Essential Introduction

Glass Partitions: An Essential Introduction

Glass partitions are a great addition to any office, store, or home. In this post, we explore glass partition benefits and how they help.
Casa Batlló, another architectural masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi's

Casa Batlló – a Tour of Antoni Gaudi’s Architectural Masterpiece

You cannot visit Barcelona, Spain without touring Antoni Gaudi's, Casa Batlló, one of the several masterpieces by Gaudi. During my first day in Barcelona, I set out to find this renowned building and immediately took a wrong turn outside…
3 Ways To Use Innovative Glass Technologies
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3 Ways To Use Innovative Glass Technologies For Home or Office Design

Glass is one of my favorite materials to use when designing interiors, residential or commercial. I love glass because it is versatile, eco-friendly, can be cost efficient, and best of all beautiful. There is a lot of flexibility for amazing…