A Unique Engagement Ring Designed by You, Says More

Tips on Designing a Unique Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is a symbol of one’s love and commitment to another. It is a personal expression and should be a unique engagement ring designed by the person that is giving it. Did you know there are custom jewelers that offer custom design services that will help you design your unique engagement ring?

Tips on Designing a Unique Engagement Ring

Tips on Designing a Unique Engagement Ring

Express Your Love 

You will be creating a symbolic unique engagement ring that should express your love for the other person. Take your time to explore what it is that makes you love them, and if you can design that into your custom ring your significant other will feel it. The stone itself will have a lot to do with this. You need to determine the type of stone, which is usually a diamond but doesn’t have to be. Perhaps you will be giving a stone that was your mothers or grandmothers and symbolically symbolizes how important this person is to you by giving them something that is so personal to you and your family. Placing it in a personal setting designed for them helps to keep the legacy going and makes it special.

Design  it with  Their Personal Style

Designing a ring for someone else takes really knowing that other person. You want to create that special unique engagement ring that they will love putting on every day and be reminded of the love you share together. Determine their style, such as traditional or contemporary. Also, the color of the setting needs to be carefully chosen. Do they wear mostly silver toned or gold toned jewelry? There are more options today, like rose gold which has a pink tone to it. You might even choose to go with a combination of two.

Make it One of a Kind

If you have decided to design a unique engagement ring then make it unique. To go the extra mile of a custom designed ring you wouldn’t just want to copy a mass-produced style. Take your time and design it with a lot of thought in mind giving it your own personal stamp.

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