Ultrafabrics is about redefining performance, which possesses a growing premium and intelligent fabrics portfolio. You must enjoy the quiet, stillness, and reflection during the excitement of displaying the products with the latest styles & designs. Also, our showroom encourages you to be a part of a program of sensory and thought-provoking events.

Ultrafabrics: The Sustainable Fabric of the Future


It is an immense pleasure to publish our sustainability report every year. Our strategies are based on measurable, time-bound, and realistic goals as a long-term vision. We have a vision of conserving resources and maintaining the well-being of society and the planet earth. At the same time, we maintain high performance, functionality, and ultimate comfort.

Our Activities

We specialize in engineering, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality polyurethane fabrics in the market. Our manufacturing unit has been certified in Japan, which gives us the authority and ability to develop unique products to specification and delivers across the globe. In addition, leveraging the strength from servicing markets, we could diversify our business in automotive, aircraft, contract, healthcare, and hospitality. 


Ultrafabrics deals in various types of fabrics like

Breathable materials 

Those fabrics enable the body to evaporate sweat to escape outside, allowing complete comfort. Brisa is the world’s first-ever breathable performance fabric that Ultrafabrics’ proprietary ventilation system had engineered and launched. Brisa is ideal for interior design projects that offer high comfort and functionality. It also provides a soft-textured aesthetic in 53 diversified shades that touch all corners of the cover wheel. While, the other Brisa-related fabrics are Brisa Distressed, featuring a rustic and natural grain aesthetic. Brisa Forecast is one of the brightest innovations. The climate control technology present in the Forecast protects against temperature change. Certainly, it is a subtly textured aesthetic that offers eleven shades. Brisa Frontier is known for its maximum versatility, regardless of the inside or outdoor environment. You get comfortable airflow circulation, protection against temperature changes, anti-fading, water repellency, etc. The other fabrics are Fresca, Mokume, and Spectra.

Timeless grains 

The timeless grains have a range of fabrics. In addition, coast offers deflection against mildew, bacteria, and other surface pathogens.  It comes to you with an enhanced UV resistance to sunlight and remains cool to the touch. At the same time, it also provides you with unparalleled comfort and long-time protection. Pearlized adds glow to all settings. It is a mixture of natural grain and subtle luminescence that delivers style and luxury. For example, the other fabrics are Pony, Promessa, Pumice, Reef Pro, Summit, Tottori, Ultraleather, Ultraleather Pro, and Ultraleather Pro IFR.

Modern textures

Modern fabrics are designed to maximize the characteristics like lightness, breathability, waterproofing, or reaction to heat or light. If you are looking for fabrics having modern styles and designs, the following are the fabrics that come under modern textures. For example, Cora, Cove, Dwell. Eco tech, Fusion, Fusion Shimmer, Geom, Helix, Volar Bio, and Wired.

UF Select

Ultrafabrics is one of the top US textiles manufacturers that launched the UF Select, with a vast collection of upholstery fabrics designed to pay homage to traditional Mexican handicrafts. Further, the UF Select range collaborates with a local manufacturing team that explores various colors, patterns, and textures. Some of the fabrics under UF Select are Lino, which emulates woven linen. They are available in pared-back neutral shades. Impasto is one of the fabulous fabrics with a balanced combination of classical appearance and a strong visual impact. In addition, you will find them associated with two aesthetic elements with a palette of 12 transitional rich hues that would enhance its presents and add a notable style. Montage offers many collections in UF Select that give a natural and subtly distressed look. To conclude, it has a weathered texture that comprises a collage look. 


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