The Family Jewels – Keep or Toss?

What to do with Family Jewels

In almost every family, there is some piece of jewelry that has been passed down through the generations. Whether it’s a wedding band nearing its 100th birthday, a necklace that was bought for a special occasion back in the last century, or just something that a close relative has decided to pass on, it all has sentiment. However, sometimes it feels like you’re burdened with the sentimentality of something that you never really liked in the first place … or will ever like, for that matter. What do you do then? How do you decide if you should keep or toss the family jewels?

What to do with Family Jewels

What to do with Family Jewels

Save It For The Future

If you personally dislike whatever heirloom has been passed on, there could be those younger than you that have a different sense of style. If you have children, keep it to pass on to them. There’s a sense of history in everything that is passed on. Even if they can’t see this history or they don’t appreciate it, at least you’ve done what those before you have done. It’s important to make the effort to see if it’s something they’d like. Sometimes family jewels are the only piece of history that a family has.

Sell It

Let’s be honest here – the amount of vintage/antique jewelry that is currently in stores around the world is there because somebody no longer wanted it. You shouldn’t feel guilty about selling something that you don’t like. There is somebody out there who will put it to good use, wear it and love it. If you have diamond jewelry to sell, it may be worth finding out how much your diamond is worth before selling the item as a whole. It could be better for you financially if you split up the piece and sell the diamonds separately instead of with the band of metal that they’re fixed into.

Repurpose It 

Repurposing can be a fantastic way of salvaging a piece of jewelry that you would never wear. There are some incredibly talented jewelers out there who can take it apart for you. They can redesign what you want and make your new piece out of the materials that are already provided. It can be quite a costly way of doing things, but it’s a way to keep the memories alive.

Keep For Later

You may find that even though it’s not in style right now, the time will come again. This is especially relevant to pieces of jewelry that have been made in a time that’s specific to the style. For example, Art Deco or 70s/80s pieces. There are so many fashion styles that are coming up again long after we thought they had disappeared completely. If you can keep it and hold onto the family jewel until the time is right, you may just be the most stylish person around.

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