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Vintage Jewelry Adds Elegant Charm

pair of silver hanging geometric stamped motif with dangling end

We love vintage spaces!  And we love bringing vintage-looking elements into our wardrobe too!  These artistically crafted designs by Melanie Hay of Hay Creations Jewellery are a perfect addition to your ensemble, bringing an elegant and antique charm to your style.

As a Jewelry Designer I use Vintage design elements in my work because it allows me to create feminine & romantic jewellery Collections. Each of my jewellery pieces starts as a blank canvas: a piece of sheet metal, a length of wire, a string of Pearls or gemstones.

The process of transforming these raw materials into something elegantly vintage & wearable begins from a texture, pattern or shape that is reminiscent of the intricate detail in Victorian, Celtic or Vintage 1950’s jewelry.

Originality plays an important role in my work so creatively & technically there is a lot of trial & error involved to incorporate the various vintage elements into my pieces.

It can be extremely exciting when a design evolves & takes on it’s own unique form, or very frustrating when certain aspects of a piece don’t work aesthetically or technically.


Once a piece is complete, if it is made from Sterling Silver, I usually antique it to give it a soft, muted silvery grey finish & a touch of old world charm.


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