Renting a tuxedo can be complicated. Buying one may seem better, but renting is often cheaper and more accessible, especially for prom or black tie events.

Many rental services also offer shoes, ties, cufflinks, studs, and cummerbunds, making it easy to create a coordinated look for you and your groomsmen.

A Guide for Renting A Tuxedo

renting a tuxedo tips

How to Rent a Tuxedo

The entire process of renting a tuxedo can feel overwhelming if you have yet to rent a suit or tuxedo. Fortunately, several excellent online rental options make the process easy and stress-free.

Prom season is typically a busy time for renting a tuxedo, and popular styles and colors tend to run out quickly. You can avoid this by renting a tuxedo as early as possible at the tuxedo rental in Tampa.

Online rentals like Menguin make the process even easier by allowing you to create your look and deliver it right to your door. You can also request complimentary swatches to match your groomsmen’s accessories and bridesmaid dresses.

Finding a Tuxedo Shop

If you plan to wear a tuxedo regularly, it’s worth investing in the highest quality one you can afford. The key is finding a shop with high-quality suits and a range of accessories to pair with them, including bow ties, pocket squares, suspenders, shoes, and socks.

They also provide in-store, virtual-style consultations and groomsman gift ideas by appointment.

The direct-to-consumer retailer has a team of stylists available via chat or video to help with dress shirt and tie selection, alterations, and even groomsmen coordination for wedding parties. The tuxedos are made-to-measure and come with a perfect fit guarantee.

Renting a Tuxedo Style

There are many things to keep in mind when renting a tuxedo. First, you need to decide whether to select flat-front or pleated-front trousers. Pleated-front trousers have a fold of fabric (known as a “pleat”) that helps them stretch when you sit. This type of pants is typically more comfortable to wear than flat-front pants.

When renting a tuxedo you should also decide what kind of jacket you want. A peak lapel tuxedo jacket is traditionally the best choice for a formal event. You can also consider wearing a dinner suit or lounge suit. Both are less formal than a tuxedo but still fit the standard dress code for most events.

Choosing Tuxedo Accessories

The tuxedo is reserved for black tie events, symbolizing that you’re showing up to the event in style. Tuxedos typically include a formal jacket, satin lapels or striping on the trousers, a white dress shirt, bow tie or necktie, cummerbund, and black shoes.

When renting a tuxedo you can choose between a single-vented or a double-vented jacket, and the choice should be made based on the type of event you’re attending. You also have a choice between a shawl, peak, or Nehru lapel on your jacket.

You should always wear a white dress shirt with your tuxedo. It’s an essential accessory to the suit, and you can choose from modern or traditional pleated shirts.

Choosing a Tuxedo Color

Regarding formalwear, nothing says “high-end,” quite like a tuxedo. Whether channeling a James Bond infiltrating a gala or wanting to look your best on your wedding day, a tuxedo can help you achieve the perfect look.

A tuxedo typically includes a black dinner jacket, a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, and cufflinks. You can wear a vest or cummerbund depending on your style preference and the event’s formality.

Tuxedos come in various colors, including graphite, charcoal, and midnight blue. They can include different lapel styles, fabrics, and even satin accents.


When renting a tuxedo, look for places that offer a one-stop shop for your needs. They should be able to provide you with dress shirts, ties, suspenders, shoes, and even ring bearer outfits for the guys at your wedding party.

Likewise, find somewhere that offers in-person fittings and a detailed catalog of body measurements that you can send in (instead of simply your suit size). A well-fitted tuxedo will always look better than one that is too big.

Ultimately, whether to buy or rent a tuxedo is a decision that depends on how often you wear it. If you only need to wear it for a prom or wedding, renting is the way to go.

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