Holiday Fashion Trends for 2017

‘Tis the season to try something new (or just up your wardrobe holiday fashion game)! The holidays are the perfect time to embellish and shake things up. If you’re normally a fan of the ever-classic little black dress, the holidays offer a great excuse to add a little glitz and glamor to your wardrobe.

Why not ditch the basics and go for dramatic and timeless with your holiday fashion this year?

10 Holiday Fashion Ideas to Light Up the Scene

10 Holiday Fashion Ideas to Light Up the Scene

Glitz & Glamor

Shimmer and shine with sequin embellishments. Hot in the fashion industry right now is fully-sequined dresses that hit just above the knee. But, whether you choose an entirely sequined dress or just the details, you’re sure to knock it out of the park.

Crushing for Velvet 

You’ve probably seen this trend hitting the scene already. Add crushed velvet to your holiday fashion repertoire with a stunning jewel tone, and you’ll turn heads. Whether a dress or a shirt, it’s sure to turn heads.

Opt for Comfort

Opt for Fashion Comfort

Choose your shoes wisely. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. Kitten heels are back, and flats are more fashionable than ever. Kick up your (pain-free) heels and have fun with it. Details are key, and adding a bow, a jeweled clasp, or other similar detail will really raise the bar.

Skip the Clutch

Save both hands for champagne this season and, instead, opt for a dramatic purse that’s as functional as it is as gorgeous. A pop of vibrant color is the perfect finishing touch for any holiday fashion statement. This Topshop beauty won’t break the bank, and it’ll be your timeless go-to piece.

A Twist on the LBD 

Fashion Twist on the LBD

The little black dress is timeless, but why not try it with a twist? Instead of opting for your classic A-line ensemble this season, go bold. Try something with sheer cutouts, polka-dots, or even some fur detail to mix it up.

Embellish it All 

Embellish it All

Love to accessorize? Holiday fashion is the perfect excuse to really add that statement piece you want. Try a dramatic chandelier earring to really shine, or opt for something a little more Art Deco, like yarn stud or drop earrings.

Wine Not?

The color might be classic, but it’s also perfect to transform your traditional look for the season. A deep merlot or burgundy dress will warm up any room. Plus, it adds a pop of color and drama to any winter fashion wardrobe.

Metallic Flair

Embellish it All

Gold is like the little black dress of the holiday fashion scene. The metallic sheen looks great on everything from gilded lace to satin gowns. Mix it up. Whether you choose a skirt, pants, a great lace top, or something different altogether, shimmer your way into the season.

Warm it Up

The weather outside might be frightful, but that just gives you another excuse to dress up the holiday fashion scene on the way in! Try a faux fur coat to really up the ante this season. Options like this parka style from H&M are quickly becoming celebrity favorites this season.

The Bottom Line is This

Have fun! Holiday fashion offers the perfect chance to add a flair for the dramatic, or simply dress up and get out. Regardless of your holiday plans, adding these elements of 2017’s top holiday fashion trends are sure to impress.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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