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Heels – Design Inspiration Where Innovation and Fashion Meet

It is a lot of fun when design inspiration takes root at the place where innovation and fashion come together, especially when the outcome is something practical and fashionable!  Check out these high heel shoes covers from our experts over at Girly Gadgets (www.girlygadgets.com.au)!  Take your heels from drab comfortable shoes to fab designer shoes while covering any nicks or scratches that occur from every-day wear and tear.

Make Your Comfortable Shoes Look Like Designer Shoes

Sexy high heel shoes are a fashion statement in everyone’s wardrobe! But who can afford to keep those heels looking like a brand new and unscathed pair of designer shoes?! Straight from the US, Heel Condoms have arrived to save the day and make your comfortable shoes look like designer shoes!

Heel Condoms (TM)  are a range of stunning accessories for your high heel shoes. They come in various colours and styles and slip right onto the heel of your stiletto shoe to add some colour, sass and flavour to even your most simple, comfortable shoes.

Heel Condoms (TM) for Your High Heel Shoes

Okay – we admit it, the name is weird! Heel Condoms (TM)? But, we really do dig this design for your high heel shoes.

Available at Girly Gadgets, an online store filled with fun and unique girly accessories, Heel CondomsTM are ornamental covers that let you play dress up with your comfortable shoes. These innovative shoe accessories have many advantages:

Make simple shoes a conversation piece
Mix and Match with outfits
Great for travel
Easy to wear
Protect heels from damage

Simply slip the Heel CondomsTM up your heels and either place the elastic band under your foot to keep in place or tie the two straps around your ankle.

Belinda Coates, Marketing and PR Manager, Girly Gadgets

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