Fashion for The Working Mother; Tips to ROCK The Corporate Scene

Fashion for The Working Mother

It’s always been a challenge for working moms to show up looking unruffled by our hurried morning routine. By the time we get up, fed, gathered and deposited the kids, our style can become a hot mess, giving us working moms a bad image. This post is all about looking like superwoman, rocking a no sweat style, giving easy tips for a successful outcome.

Fashion for The Working Mother

Avoid outfits with lots of pieces, way too time consuming to find, choose, and apply. This is where the one piece tailored dress SHINES! Never out of style, always accepted and respected, it only needs a pair of shoes and jewelry to top it off.

The classic black dress is a must in any lady’s closet, as my mother always told me. You can dress it up or dress it down which works well for the working mom that has to attend a teacher’s meeting after work.

Colorful scarfs worn different ways gives a fashionable unique look every time. Even using it as a belt gives it a unique style and expands your wardrobe to the fullest.

Jewelry is another way to turn basic into a powerful, BOLD look. Don’t be meek and mild about it, it’s all about balance and you will nail it with the simplistic tailored dress and a pop of bling!

Shoes for some working mothers are all about comfort and what’s nice about the simple dress is it works with all heights of heels. Me, I am a die-hard high heel wearing girl, I just don’t feel hot unless I have a pair on my feet. What is great about today’s corporate dress code is…it’s all allowed!

If you think your body type wouldn’t work in the one piece tailored dress then you need to check out NUMARI, an online shop who’s motto is, “MADE TO FIT, MADE FOR YOU.” The best part is once you have the perfect fitting dress you can now change the sleeve style or add other colors, to create numerous looks. You only need a few dresses and by adding accessories to each, you visually expand your wardrobe to look like many without spending a lot of money. That’s great news for the working mother!

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