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Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish vanity. Here are some great examples of bathroom vanities that are big on style, but small on size!

Vanities for Small Spaces

We found this bathroom vanity on rona.ca. It’s a compact design with a high-end modern look:



This small scale bathroom vanity is called the “Jelly Bean” – and it is as adorable as its name:


The Jelly Bean is spunky and overflowing with attitude. We can almost hear it saying, “Yeah – I’m small… but you know you love me!”

Creating Vanity Spaces in a Small Bathroom

Want something to extend your storage space, but don’t want to replace the sink? A “side cabinet” may be the answer. This is a side cabinet that can be used along with a larger vanity, or placed next to a pedestal sink or toilet in a small bathroom:

aigo Digital Camera

Utilize the Wall Space in Your Small Bathroom

If you’ve run out of floor space, start using the walls in your small bathroom. This medicine cabinet is a stylish piece that can hang alone, or as a group of cabinets lining your wall with storage and style:


Or, use a piece like this to share a mirror, store your things and show off some interesting decor items:


A small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style… it just means you need to be creative and use every inch you have!



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