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Fabulous Baby And Wedding Shower Centerpieces

The joining of union through marriage and the creation of life from love are two of the most important days of a man or woman’s life, and the celebration of that day in the form of a baby or wedding shower is the day you get to share that excitement with family and friends.

Decorating with your personal touch or theme is essential, so here are some idea’s that might inspire your own centerpieces at your shower.

Fabulous Fruit Inspirations

For a bright spring baby or even wedding shower highlighting your tables with vibrant colors and excitement is essential.  This group of photos is inspired by fruit used as a decoration!

This centerpiece is one in a million and will no doubt knock your socks off.  The bright flowers with the inside of a pineapple as a makeshift vase makes a completely original and exciting baby or wedding shower centerpiece.


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For an elegant, yet playful baby and wedding shower centerpiece this rose infused piece with a vase featuring limes of all things, giving it the sense of grass and yet it’s fresh and beautiful fruit!


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For this baby and wedding shower centerpiece it uses the same inspiration as the lime filled one above, but uses oranges instead and gives inspiration with the diversity of colors.  Several different fruits could be used for a lovely centerpiece.


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Spring Forward With Flowers

For wedding and baby shower centerpieces flowers are a typical choice and often the highlight of a centerpiece, and below we’ve featured flowers as the highlight, but maybe in a way that’s different from a simple vase with flowers.

Below a lovely glass vase is featured, but instead of the the flowers being inside this baby and wedding shower centerpiece has them on the outside!  It’s innovative and playful, and elegant.


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Because of the vase, the flowers are the focus of this wedding and baby shower centerpiece.  It’s simple, elegant, but based on the flowers chosen for this it could be more playful for a baby shower centerpiece as well.


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Glam It Up With Glass!

The boldness of glass is it leaves nothing to hide, it’s bold, elegant, and stands on it’s own.  Someone that would chose one of these centerpieces for their baby or wedding shower knows exactly what they like.

The vase below is completely clear glass and has a very simple array of flowers with a bit of water in it, making it simple baby shower or wedding shower centerpiece, but the pop of vibrant color makes it exciting.


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This glass inspired baby shower or wedding shower centerpiece really sets it’s self apart, using empty glass bottles as candle holders, making the room glisten, reflections everywhere, making an intimate setting.


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