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Wall Hanging Ideas - Hanging pictures with colorful string.

I am someone who loves pictures of family and friends and enjoys displaying them. Creating a photo wall that allows me to easily interchange the pictures and gives an artsy vibe to the room is perfect! Today’s post shares wall hanging ideas that will allow you to update your photos regularly.

Wall Hanging Ideas

Magnetic Photo Rope is a modern way to display wall hanging art and add fun colors to the room. Available in 5 colors that can help you display your photos in a creative way. The strong magnets make it easy to change out the photo. The cost is super affordable at $12.00 for one rope, $20.00 for two and $45.00 for five.


Wall Hanging Ideas - Hanging pictures with colorful string.

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Think about creating your own geometric art frame with hanger nails that overlay your wall. The frame design adds to the look of the room and can be any design or color you want making quite the statement. Then simply buy some wooden pant hangers and display away.

Wall Hanging Ideas - Hanging pictures with pants hangers.

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For a more formal look, you might want to consider using moldings to build shallow shelving which would allow you to display framed art by simply leaning it against the wall. Be sure to have a plate groove machined into the shelf to hold the frame securely. Using varying sized frames creates a movement to the wall bringing your attention to the framed artwork or photos.

Wall Hanging Ideas - Pictures leaning against a wall supported by a shelf.

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A great way to recycle your child’s old baby crib mattress springs is by turning it into a wall hanging allowing you to interchange the photos of them. This is a clever design and I love the idea of displaying photos of your child from cradle to college.

Wall Hanging Ideas - Interchangeable pictures reclaiming the springs of a baby crib.

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