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The color orange has been getting a lot of attention in 2012, as Tangerine Tango was named the color of the year by the Pantone Institute. Following is further design inspiration for your home and your closet using this bold and invigorating accent color.

A bright joyous painting or sculpture that you love will always lift your mood.  Brighten up your stairwell, letting in as much sun as possible, while featuring vibrant color.  Interesting artwork will add even more spice to your uplifting space.  We came across this invigorating piece by creative decorator, Beverly Solomon.



Keep a winter palette of neutrals on hand, navy included – a favorite because it’s softer and less predictable than black, and olive -because it works with most colors.



This year’s Tangerine Tango inspires sophistication and conjures warmth and light.



While simple in style, orange can be beautifully paired with navy, white, olive or charcoal wardrobe items in your closet.


We would like to thank Style Consultant and Author, Sherrie Mathieson, for sharing these classic styles in Tangerine Tango that we will be seeing more of in 2012.

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