You can add a splash of vintage decor into your design by using groupings of items you may have on hand.  There is at least one member of every family hanging on to all the treasures from Grandma, Great Grandma and Great, Great Grandma.  Whether it’s milk glass, old books or diplomas, family photos, china – you get the idea – you can create a vintage collage that will add interest to any room in your home.

Take a look at the following vintage groupings we found on Pinterest that may spark up a good design idea using some of the memorabilia from your family history.

Family Vintage Photos

Using decorative frames it is easy to create a vintage collage of old family photos and snap shots that will inspire smiles and wonder.

Vintage Milk Glass

Milk glass was very popular and boasts a number of different odd designs.  Have fun mixing and matching the pieces in your collection and create a grouping of whimsical vases, plates, or cups.

Dainty Vintage Dishes

My Grandmother always had little containers kept in various places throughout her home.  My favorite ones were stuffed with candy!  Group these dainty dishes together in your home to hold soaps, plants, antique buttons, or anything you would like to display.

Vintage Books

There is nothing better than opening an old book while wondering whose eyes have fallen on the pages.  Create a vintage look to your shelf or dresser using old books you may have on hand.

Vintage China

If you don’t have a hutch to display your Great Grandmother’s fine china, never fear.  Grouping china together to create a focal point on your wall is a great way to display your sentimental collection.

Above all, enjoy looking at these treasures passed down to you from previous generations.  Someone may be rolling over in her grave wondering why on earth you would save such a thing…  but, you’ll never know that!

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