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There are a number of reasons you might want to turn yourself into a brand. Many people talk about building a brand for their business, but if you’re in a creative industry, the focus should be on building a brand for yourself. For example, if you’re a singer, actress, model, etc; the focus should be on you. Have a look through this guide to see how you can get started doing just that:

Get Great Headshots

Whether you want to be a singer, actor, designer, or something else, great headshots are usually an important step to help you. Getting great headshots is important, so you need to make sure you take your time when choosing somebody to do them for you. You should go with a professional who has experience with this kind of thing. You also need to make sure that your headshots look like you. If you are booked and you don’t look anything like your headshots, then you may find yourself without work. It might seem shallow, but that’s because it is! Your headshots need to accurately reflect who you are and what you look like. You should have them updated every year.

Capture Yourself In Action

Capturing yourself in action is a good idea too, either through pictures or videos. This way, people can see how you work and get an idea of whether you’re right for them or not. The more you provide like this, the better for people who are thinking of hiring you. You’ll get far more jobs if you have lots of evidence of your talent.

Build A Website

Put a good chunk of money towards building your own website. Have somebody with experience do it for you so that it looks good and is filled with quality content. You can have lots about yourself on here and even write a blog. If you pay attention to the SEO aspects of it, then you could very well get jobs thanks to your website.

Sign Up To Artist Websites

As well as having your own website, signing up to artist websites is a good idea too. Many people who are looking to employ people like you will search these sites for the right talent and look. It can get expensive when signing up to these sites, but it’s worth it when you get jobs! Just make sure you keep your profiles as accurate and filled in as possible. There are lots of artist resources to choose from to help you.

Design Your Own Look

Have your own look that’s unique to you. Of course, you want to be yourself, but try to think of ways you can brand yourself in the way you dress and look the majority of the time. Do the same when it comes to your posters and marketing materials.

Build A Good Reputation

Building a good reputation is going to help you get jobs and keep on getting them down the line, so make sure you’re polite and easy to work with. Many people in the industry know one another, so be aware!

Good luck!

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