Vegas was alive at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this year with the most amazing products and trend forecasts for 2016. I was involved with many aspects of this year’s show from being a K+B Insider to one of the finalists for the NKBA U Professional of the Year. Veronika Miller, of Modenus, joked I should be on designer roller skates to make all of my engagements. I will say it was a whirlwind, but I enjoyed it! One of my highlights was having my bar design as a finalist for the #HowDoYouPerlick design competition with Perlick’s entertainment appliances.

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Designer Patricia Davis Brown as a finalist for #howdoyouperlick design competition kbis2016 at Perlick booth

National Award Winning Interior Designer Patricia Davis Brown, finalist for #howdoyouperlick, KBIS 2016

When I was approached about entering the Perlick bar design competition I was not very familiar with their products. As I began to look at their product offering I fell in love with all of their entertainment bar and beverage systems. It was the martini glass shelf accessory that inspired my martini bar design vignette. Of course, my husband was inspired by their beer dispenser, so I felt a need to combine my martini bar with a craft beer bar design. I think this might start a trend in home entertainment bars, satisfying both men’s and women’s entertaining delights!

Designer Patricia Davis Brown showcasing her martini bar design with Perlick appliances

Designer Patricia Davis Brown demonstrating the Perlick martin shelf in her martini bar design, KBIS 2016

Martini sink with olive faucet handle, by Elkay. Vignette designed by Patricia Davis Brown for Perlick

Martini sink with olive faucet handle, by Elkay. Vignette designed by Patricia Davis Brown

To me, it’s the little details that make the biggest impact and this martini-shaped sink with the olive faucet handle was the finishing touch to my martini bar design! My countertop was a new offering by Dekton (a Cosentino brand) in the color “Blaze”. It was the perfect mash-up for my horizontally cut travertine stone backsplash. My shelving had an organic live edge, which continued my horizontal flow of patterns. The overall design represented a mood of decompression and time for a martini.

  1. H50IMW Ice Maker (fully integrated – requires panel)
  2. HP24RO-3-5 24″ Sig Refrigerator Drawers
  3. HP24RO-3-3L 24″ Sig Refrigerator
  4. HP24TS-3-1L2A 24″ Sig Adara Beer Dispenser
  5. HP15WS-3-3R 15″ Sig Wine Reserve

I was honored to be a part of this bar design event with a talented group of designers who each designed a vignette for this competition.

Designer Bar Design at KBIS 2016

Designer Rose Dostal presenting her design for #howdoyouperlick design competition for kbis 2016 with Perlick entertainment appliances

Designer, Rose Dostal, presenting her design for #howdoyouperlick

The vibrate fuchsia popped the Perlick booth and really showed how custom Perlick appliances can be.

Rose, can you tell us what inspired you to design such a vibrant piece of furniture for this competition? ” Colors, travels, and recent events in my life have a way of finding themselves interwoven in my design inspirations”.

  1. HH24WS-3-2R Sottile Refrigerator (fully integrated – requires panel)
  2. HH24WS-3-2R Sottile Wine Reserve (fully integrated – requires panel)
Perlick booth designed by Michele Alfano with Perlick wine and undercounter appliances.

Designer, Michele Alfano, previewing her vignette for the #howdoyouperlick design competition, KBIS 2016

Michele showed off her bold, concrete, outdoor entertainment island featuring a trough sink in the center for chilling wine.

Michele, can you share with our readers your inspiration for this design and the unique materials you used?The CHARRED bar design is when man-made concrete design and an artisanal Far East tradition intersect. The fusion for this outdoor space highlights Perlick’s innovative beverage system and under-counter refrigeration. Inspired by the Japanese process called Shou-Sugi-ban, the design features dark charcoal Stikwood planks emulating handcrafted, aged burnt wood. The distinct wood grains add warmth against the sleek concrete table lines.  This symbiotic relationship makes a bold statement and draws the individual into this enticing Perlick space.”


  1. Display Wall and Overhang: Charcoal Wood Planks 5″ wide x 12″-48″ wide. Donated by Stikwood
  2. Concrete Table fabricated by Exhibit Systems
  3. HP24DS-3-3R, Perlick Under Counter Refrigerator
  4. HP24CO-3-3L Perlick Under Counter Refrigerator
Designer Richard Anuszkiewicz previewing his cart before the horse Perlick vignette, for the #howdoyouperlick, design competition, kbis 2016

Designer, Richard Anuszkiewicz, previewing his vignette for #howdoyouperlick, design competition, KBIS 2016

Richard’s custom cart was the winner. Show attendees were asked to vote by taking a photo of their favorite design and posting it on Instagram. He titled his vignette, “The Cart Before the Horse”. His detailing was magnificent and included a leather countertop and accents of gold brass. I loved the mirror-tiled wall surrounding the framed niche.

What was your inspiration for your vignette, “The Cart Before The Horse”?The concept for this vignette is a literal take on an old expression, “The Cart Before the Horse.”  This idiom suggests something is done contrary to a conventional or culturally expected order which is the essence of innovation.  The innovation lies at my core beliefs of design and parallels to the fundamentals of Perlick Appliances- innovation, quality, and customization. Innovation is demonstrated in the unexpected proportions and challenging integration of appliances, quality in the fine finishes such as the hand-stitched leather countertop, and customization in the tailored implementation of cabinetry and artwork. Collectively this work explores and advances the boundaries of cabinet design.”

Richard, tell us about the serving tray sink. “Isn’t it amazing?! Conceptually the cart was meant to look portable and bar-like so it was important that all elements had that feeling. Also, the overall soul of the display has an equestrian vibe to play off of the title.  The tray handle sink by Linkasink was a perfect marriage of ideas. It cohesively held everything together. I couldn’t agree more!

Brass faucets were a big trend shown at KBIS 2016, can you tell me which brand of faucet you showcased and why? “The beautiful brass faucet is by Waterworks. They are a luxury plumbing manufacturer. It was important to me to source unique products. Things that were different and had style. I loved that this faucet had an industrial detailing to it that related to the other equestrian elements on the display. The unlacquered brass material provides warmth that balances the mirror and nickel finishes on the backsplash and sink.” 

  1. HC24RB-3-3L 24” C-series Refrigerator
  2. HP24ZS-3-6 24″ Sig DZ Freezer/Ref Drawers

It was so great meeting these amazing and talented designers. Being part of a collaboration with a quality company like Perlick, not only introduces me to great products for my clients but also adds to my community of amazing design talent.

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