Are you thinking of installing a granite countertop in your kitchen? You probably have seen your Orlando neighbor’s kitchen with this feature.

When people hear about kitchens with granite countertops, they associate them with elegance, durability, and longevity. They’re head-turners for guests and visitors. And even home buyers prefer to buy properties with granite countertops. 

This article teaches how granite countertops can help enhance your kitchen design

enhance your kitchen

1. Make Your Kitchen Unique  

Mineral crystals give kitchen granite countertops luminous colors and unique pattern designs, which are popular in Orlando homes. Orlando granite countertops are made of granite, a natural stone earth-quarry, as large slabs and cut into smaller pieces for kitchen installation.  

Granite countertops with light gray veins are made from quartz. The black flecks are from the pearly lustrous mica. This natural stone can also be silver or metallic in color, found in light and dark granites, giving a reflective ‘glittery’ pattern for kitchen countertops. The different varieties of mica include muscovite, fuchsite, lepidolite, and anandite, which are also used in healing crystal charms. 

On the other hand, pink granite countertops are made from granite with abundant potassium feldspar, a tectosilicate mineral forming igneous rock. They’re also seen in Orlando homes, enhancing the overall kitchen look. 

2. Create An Elegant And Functional Kitchen Design  

Cooking is part of many people’s daily routines. Having a well-designed kitchen can help inspire family members to try unique food recipes and prepare hearty meals. So, draw inspiration and boost a positive mood from your elegant and functional kitchen ambiance by installing a granite countertop.

Granite kitchen countertops are popular for their elegant appeal because of their unique patterns. That’s why most granite kitchen countertops capture the attention of guests and visitors.  

In addition, granite kitchen countertops are durable and water-resistant, allowing you to chop, pound, or flatten cooking ingredients. With the right kitchen appliances and granite countertop design, you can enhance your cooking space’s overall look and functionality.

3. Increase Your Kitchen’s Value  

How do you boost your kitchen appeal and value? You can do this by upgrading your old countertops to granite can help increase the appeal and value of your kitchen to potential home buyers if you decide to sell your house in the future. Because of their timeless appeal, strength, longevity, and low maintenance, granite countertops increase a home’s overall value.  

You’ll entice many home buyers when you include this feature on your property listing in online marketplaces. Installing granite countertops can make your kitchen look like those in luxury or royalty homes. Potential home buyers can imagine themselves in your high-end kitchen, taking photos or videos while cooking their favorite recipes and then uploading them on their social media accounts. 

4. Easy To Decorate And Renovate  

Granite counters are rare and expensive, but worth the investment because of their durability. They only require basic maintenance and are easy to decorate.  

Granite countertops with cool, gray tones perfectly combine beach-inspired colors. Hence, you can incorporate white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, whitewash woodwork, and blue-gray glass tiles. 

Even if you have an old granite countertop, you can easily update and make it modern. For instance, you can paint the walls or cabinets, modernize the hardware, replace the backsplash, and refresh the accents.  

5. Appealing Granite Countertop Edging Options  

Granite countertops have different edge styles, depending on your kitchen style. You can choose a specific edging profile that can address practical kitchen concerns relating to cooking, space, layout, children, pets, etc. 

Thes most common edge styles for granite kitchen countertops include: 

  • Beveled Edge 

This edge style has a 45-degrees angle that comes in classic or modern design, allowing spills to go onto the floor rather than inside kitchen cabinets.  

  • Ogee Edge 

This S-shape granite countertop edge design looks timeless and elegant, perfect for kitchen islands. 

  • Straight Edge 

A straight edge is your best option if you prefer something simple, minimalistic, and modern.  

  • Eased Edge 

This soft rounded edge gently eases toward your flooring, suitable for small spaces. It also promotes child safety. 

  • Full Bullnose Edge 

This granite countertop edging curves all the way from the protruding part’s top and bottom areas to avoid sharp corners. An entire bullnose edge is suitable if you have children. 

  • Half Bullnose Edge 

This modern-looking countertop edge slopes down into the floor at a 90-degree angle for easy cleaning. You can easily wipe spills away from your cabinetry. 


Granite countertops can help enhance your kitchen design more than you can imagine. Investing in a granite countertop for your Orlando home or any other area can help promote a more functional, comfortable, and elegant kitchen. Enhance your kitchen design by consulting a granite specialist today.


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