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Design Inspiration: Thinking Outside the Bottle

Our expert contributor and eco-designer, Linda Bodo, finds her design inspiration right in her recycle bin.  The saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” has never been more true.  Linda takes discarded items and transforms them into new, edgy designs that would beautify any home, office space, or show room.

Thinking Outside the Bottle

Eco-designer, author & columnist, Linda Bodo sees opportunity where most people only see waste. By rehabilitating waste stream materials into sustainable designs for everyday living, she has created a line of multifunctional objects that articulate a poignant message of today’s over-consumerism. Also referred to as ‘upcycling’, this alternative to waste management inspires carbon footprint reduction with a creative twist. Intercepting cast-offs from our landfills, then reusing, reclaiming, and readapting them into multi-functional items epitomizes re-use in contemporary design. Whether plastic bottles are reassembled into a chandelier, reborn as a decorative pillow, or remade into a intricate tassel, the final object retains the material qualities and past lives of that which was used in its making.

Linda Bodo, Eco-designer, Absolutebodo, http://www.absolutebodo.com

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