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Design concepts for an office space can differ greatly based on what type of business you’re conducting.  Recently, we came across the bright and inspiring work space of Vuka Energy Drinks.  This colorful and interesting design keeps spirits high and attitudes energetic for their fast paced work environment.

Living in Denver, CO,  we specifically made our offices bright and cheery so that on even the most dull day, we’re all in an inspiring environment!


Every corner you turn there is something fun to look at a bright colors surrounding you.

I think we’re a happier group because of it!

Many thanks to Alexia Bregman, CEO of Vuka Energy Drinks, who invited all of us into her work space and shared the cheer that surrounds her.


Another great and colorful discovery was this motivation board from Pinterest.  It’s easy to add a splash of color and interest to any office or board room using a collage of clip boards that easily change out goals, ideas, and inspirational messages to keep company morale at its peak.

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