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Festive Fall Entertaining & Decorating Tips

Not only is fall upon us, but the November and December holidays are also coming quickly. The server is one of the most practical and multi-purpose pieces of furniture that you can own to help with entertaining. As stand-alone or focal point item, the server is small enough to work in the dining room, family room or kitchen. It works well for “help yourself” fall entertaining and also stores supplies and displays seasonal décor when the party is over.

To kick off a fall party, you can buy all of the ingredients and make everything from scratch or enlist the help of your local grocery and craft store for a quick assembly. Here are a few ideas to get you started with your fall entertaining.

Chocolate Muffins

Pick up bran or chocolate muffins from the grocery store’s bakery section. They look homemade, but are not. Add Mocha icing by mixing together ready-made buttercream or vanilla icing, with a teaspoon each of instant coffee and cocoa moisten with a splash of hot water. Wrap each cupcake in burlap and tie with raffia or packing twine. We decorated the muffins with fall candies found in specialty grocery stores and added our own acorns. To make the acorns we used Brach’s individually wrapped cubes of caramel chewy treats. Soften them in the microwave only to the point where you can shape them with your fingertips. Once cooled, we dipped the caramel acorn tops in dipping chocolate and then chocolate sprinkles. The big tip is to not sample more than you make! You can cool them on wax paper in the refrigerator to quicken the process.

Fresh Cider

Fresh cider can be found everywhere this time of year, at the grocery store, the farmer’s market and local roadside stands. It can be served hot or cold. Freezing cider in ice cubes trays beforehand lets you keep it chilled while not diluting its consistency. Skewing crisp apple chunks on long cocktail picks for garnishment is a nice detail and yes, everybody gets their apple for the day. For adults only, adding a jigger of dark rum to the cider spices up the flavor and the party atmosphere.


We all have our favorite varieties of apples, but to get the pretty colors, look for Cripps Pink, also know as Pink Ladies and Honey Crisp for fall entertaining.


A pitcher of sunflowers makes a cheerful fall accent. These large face flowers are friendly, easy to acquire and make an impact. But really, you can use any flowers highlighting the yellows, oranges or reds that fall is known for. Keep them loose and relaxed to represent a bountiful autumn.

White Pumpkins

White pumpkins add a unique twist to your fall décor. Some of the more popular varieties found at grocery stores and farmer’s markets are Lumina, Baby Boo and Cotton Candy.

The most important thing to remember about entertaining is that it stays easy for the hostess or host and your guests enjoy themselves.

Written by: Somerton Dwelling

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