A home is synonymous with freedom for people who dream of getting one. Even though owning a house can be liberating and rewarding, it can also be challenging and burdensome. As a homeowner, you need to take care of the maintenance routine and repairs required to keep your nest in pristine condition. Whatever the case, professional and timely assistance can save you time, money, and nerves. But where to find dependable home improvement services? In this article, we’ll give you the 411 on credible online services designed to streamline the process of finding and hiring the most befitting contractor in your neighborhood. All of them have been tried by thousands of homeowners and proven to be user-friendly and extremely helpful.

Effective Home Improvement Services to Try Today

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If you are a dedicated DIYer or a home services company owner, you’ll hardly bother yourself seeking professional assistance. But chances are high that an average homeowner will do just that. An experienced contractor can fix any problem faster and to the highest standard, meaning you can prevent severe issues.

Moreover, they can help customize any aspect of your home while considering all essential factors affecting your comfort, safety, and overall quality of living. Want to know what home improvement services can come to the rescue when a new home-related issue arises? Let’s take a closer look at the top-rated options.


As a multifunctional tool, Yelp aids in locating and evaluating various businesses, including home repair services, contractors, and decorating stores. It is a real treasure trove of reviews that you can examine to understand a company’s pricing policy, service quality, and customer care before hiring one.

Plus, here you can find user-uploaded photos of completed projects to visualize what customers have meant by their ‘excellent’ or ‘horrible’ service provider. You can filter out options that don’t fit you by selecting the preferred distance, price, and features. If you are used to doing everything on the go, you can download an app of the service to make appointments or request a quote right there.


If you have too much on your plate and don’t want to waste hours searching for suitable specialists in your area, MyHomeQuote is just the thing. It’s a homeowner-centric platform that helps cherry-pick pre-screened contractors and get personalized quotes. Here, you can access an extensive network of companies specializing in all possible home improvement services, from maintenance to basic repairs to major renovations.

The primary advantage of MyHomeQuote is its meticulous vetting process. Before you get any tailored-made estimates (according to your project requirements), the service checks contractors’ licensing, certification, and criminal records for your peace of mind. Plus, a dedicated team examines customer reviews and ratings across different websites to gain a balanced perspective.

With MyHomeQuote, you can save time as it only matches you with eligible professionals in your area. Once you leave your request, you’ll get up to 5 bespoke quotes from different contractors so that you can make more informed financial decisions.


Homeowners have extensive household chores lists they need to deal with, including small home repairs, cleaning, and moving services. If you want to save yourself that hassle, you can take advantage of TaskRabbit, a mobile and online marketplace. It allows you to find someone ready to undertake the task.

You just need to select a suitable ‘tasker’ from the list of veted candidates with reviews and ratings. A chat feature is also available so you can talk to a soon-to-be assistant about your event planning drop-offs, broken shelves, or whatever task you need to handle.

Amazon Home Services

If you are an active Amazon user, you can make the most out of your account by buying, scheduling, and managing various home-related services directly from it. Amazon Home Services allows you to get professional assistance from handypersons, plumbers, cleaners, gardeners, and many other specialists, catering to a wide range of homeowner needs.

The company ensures all pros are licensed and background checked. You may also like that it’s possible to see the cost upfront, meaning you can avoid the negotiation process.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a legacy home or just built it from scratch, it can still be chock-full of minor issues you need to address. It is not to mention daily chores and sudden breakdowns that can get on top of you. After all, there is always Murphy’s Law you can hardly forget about.

Thus, you may have your hands full and feel overwhelmed. You can pull out all the stops to deal with all the issues. Or you can benefit from the home improvement services specified above to turn a daunting to-do list into a manageable task with a hit of a button.

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