Public bars are not everyone’s delight. Some people prefer setting up a home bar to enjoy certain privileges, including saving more money, and you can also stock up your preferred drinks. A home bar can also be a source of entertainment for your friends, and you can customize it to your taste. Here are some things you require setting up a home bar.

Setting Up A Home Bar | 7 Must-Haves

setting up a Home bar

1. Exotic Wines and Drinks

Your wine collection reflects your taste and your lifestyle to some extent. Find Highlands 41 wine and add it to your wine collection to showcase your good taste. As liquor is expensive, stock up gradually. You will finally purchase all the drinks you prefer. Additionally, it is wise to have a collection of wines and spirits suitable and can be enjoyed by your family and friends.

2. Invest in a Bar Cart for Your Home Bar

Bar carts are relatively simple but give a classy design to your in-bar space. Plus, they have a welcoming aura for your guests, as they can comfortably serve drinks to themselves. You can also use the bar cart as a surface to make cocktails on. However, in order for your bar cart to always look neat and organized, ensure that you declutter and keep only the items you frequently use.

3. Purchase Required Glassware

In order to enjoy and mix great cocktails, you have to invest in the right glasses. You should purchase the following glassware for your home bar: tumblers which are perfect for serving cocktails and wines, cocktail glasses for your martini, flute glasses for your mimosa, shot glasses for hard drinks, and vodka, wine goblet glasses for your red and white wines. A favorable-sized pitcher comes in handy when making cocktail batches.

4. Get Some Furniture

Some of the basic furniture you need in your home bar includes bar stools. This can add a sophisticated look to your home bar. Since bar stools come at different heights, consider those that fit your counter or table. Additionally, invest in a cabinet to store your glasses and extra drinks. Also, ensure you have enough drawers and shelves to keep your utensils and drinks. Another good idea is to have a wine rack to store extra bottles of wine.

5. Light Up Your Home Bar

For your home bar to look lively and feel more welcoming and entertaining, you should invest in the proper lighting fixtures. A dull home bar can make your entire house lack a knack for design and style. Setting up recessed lighting strips and multiple suspended light fittings gives your home bar a stylish modern look. You can also complement the space with colored lighting to make it feel relaxing.

6. Purchase Some Garnishes for Your Cocktails

Garnishes add flavor to your cocktails. Different cocktails require different garnishes, and therefore it is important to have a variety. Some of the garnishes you should have are; mint, lime, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, thyme, rosemary, and basil. You can buy these garnishes in a nearby market or grow them in a pot or the backyard of your house.

7. Ensure You Have Ice

Ice is an essential requirement when making cocktails. Ice also helps in cooling drinks, and when it melts, it becomes part of the drink. Therefore, the right amount of ice is necessary to make a great drink. You should have several types of ice, including ice cubes, shaved ice, and cracked ice. Ice cubes can be used in all types of drinks as they do not melt easily or dilute your drink. Shaved ice is finely crushed, and you can add it to sodas or use it to make thick cocktails. Cracked ice is ideal for frozen drinks such as margaritas.

Setting up a home bar may not be a simple task for everyone. Fortunately, the above tips will guide you on the basic things you need for a home bar. You do not have to get all the items at once. Make it a gradual process, and with time, you will have everything you need to create a perfect home bar.

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