In recent years, there seemed to be an increasing demand for one household appliance: air purifier. Using one was previously unheard of; but now, so many more households are keen on having at least one at home. It’s the appliance that helps improve your home’s indoor air quality, freeing it from pollens, allergens, and other pollutants.

5 Tips For Placing An Air Purifier In Your Home

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Enhancing your home with commercial air filtration systems by airfixture and others is more than just about removing the dust in your home. For families with pets, you can significantly see a reduction in allergies brought about by pet dander, for instance. Air purifiers can do so many wonderful things for your home, but not simply on their own. For its effectiveness and quality to be positively improved, it’s important to learn how and where to place it in your home. That’s what this guide gives you.

Place It Somewhere Near Your Breathing Zone

This first tip applies if what you have is a small air purifier. While your first instinct may be to keep the purifier hidden (especially when it doesn’t go with your home décor), this may not be the best approach.

Rather, it’s best to position it somewhere near your breathing zone. Inside the bedroom, this can be on your nightstand or bedroom cabinet close to your bed or headboard. The closer the purifier, the shorter the distance the clean air has to travel for it to get to you. This will make your home look and feel cozier and cleaner.

Place It Beside The Odor’s Source

This second tip resonates well with houses where you have pets. They’re nice to have, but they can also cause odor. If that’s the case, then place the purifier close to where your pet stays. It’ll be more effective that way.

The closer the purifier, the faster it can solve the problem. Now, you’ll be less concerned and embarrassed about the smell your pets are making, should an unannounced guest arrive in your home.

Put Air Purifier At Least 3.5 Feet Off The Ground

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. For this third one, the focus is on a wall-mounted type. Remember that indoor air circulation usually comes in two specific directions:

  • Vertically, or the floor-to-ceiling movement of the air;
  • Horizontally, which is likened to a door-to-door movement.

Hotter air usually moves in the ceiling’s direction. This is the reason positioning the purifier at least three feet from the ground doesn’t just capture the horizontal air movement but also exposes the air to a vertical flow. By doing this, the purifier will have quite a lot of air disposal. It can suck air into the device quickly, with no obstruction, and then also clean the air quickly.

Avoid Placing The Air Purifier Against A Wall

Wherever you wish to place your air purifier in your home, be sure not to place it against a wall. This can block the air intake and reduce the rate at which your air purifier can clean the air in the room. 

It’s not just the wall that serves as an obstruction to your air purifier. This rule also applies to other bigger electronics, furniture, and upholstery, among others. As much as possible, you’ll want to observe a space of around three to five feet around your unit.

Put It Near A Doorway To Another Room

If you want to prevent pollutants from entering your room, stop them right at the entryway. This is the reason one of the best places for you to put your air purifier would be by the door or by a window. That way, it can work its best by filtering out harmful particles before making them to the room.

Giving your air purifier as much air to suck as possible can help the purifier clean up the air quicker. By positioning your air purifier by the doors or windows, you’re making it act as the first line of defense against spreading air pollutants all over your home.

Final Thoughts

An air purifier would always be an excellent addition to every home. Now that you know how to use and position one, you should be ready to head out and make your first purchase. It may be quite pricey, but it’s a worthy investment to make, in the name of having a healthier household.

The guide above is truly insightful, given how many homeowners aren’t aware of how to make the most out of their air purifier’s power and capacity. The best place to position your air purifier matters just as choosing the right one and keeping your unit clean and well-maintained.


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